Pluto TV will rally to make Pluto a planet again on April 1 (it's no joke)

Mar 31, 2020
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There is no question that Pluto is a planet, at the same time there are ways in which it does not behave like a planet. Perhaps we need to change the definition of what a planet is. It is certainly not a dwarf planet. One thing is certain it is the planet with a heart.
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And the current generation forgets that Ceres and a few other bodies discovered in the early 19th century were considered planets until they realized that there were many in the same vicinity between Mars and Jupiter. Should Ceres also be considered a planet? What about those objects discovered in recent years that are also near Pluto-size and bigger? Pluto was thought to be much bigger until it was discovered to be Pluto-Charon with a few small moons in 1998. I have a general astronomy text from 1948 that gives a Pluto diameter of about 6000 miles. Be careful what we wish for.