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Possible Life on Mars?

Nov 13, 2019
Hello all... I was reading this article:

I was wondering, I know it's difficult to establish whether there was is or was life on mars via rovers, but let's say if we were to go there, would it be any easier to determine if there was life on Mars at some point in the past or current if man was to go and have a small lab or something? Or would it be just as difficult?

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Rob Morin
Montreal, Canada
Oct 21, 2019
The first thing is to determine what we mean by "life". After seeing the "Face On Mars" photos, Richard Hoagland developed all sorts of theories regarding the images of Cydonia Mesa, the Face, and Downtown Cydonia which he said are the remains of a city. Life could mean DNA based microbes similar to what we have on Earth. Life on Mars could be something that reproduces but is not based on DNA. It could be based on Silicone instead of carbon. Life could be something so alien we might not even be able to recognize it as life.
Nov 13, 2019
Ok thanks for your reply, I do not believe in any of that "Face on Mars" conspiracy crap... When i said life i meant bacteria. :) Just wondering if its more easily confirmed or not if man were there rather than using rovers, ect...
Judging from the elements & molecules that were present when the solar system evolved I would assume that any low life forms discovered would not be that "alien" to what we know know of currently.
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Oct 22, 2019
I prefer the rigorous scientific method based upon repeated observations, verifiable, testable, thus falsifiable. How many negative tests for life on Mars is needed before the theory is declared falsified? This goes to the heart of an assumption supporting the teaching. Does life evolve via spontaneous combustion from non-living matter?


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