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Jun 20, 2023
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If the system was formed from a gas and dust cloud under the influence of gravitational forces, then, logically, the heaviest elements should have gathered in the center of this cloud, where the Sun is now located.
Science claims that the Sun consists entirely of supposedly hydrogen and helium, i.e. of the lightest elements of the periodic table. What is it, gravity in reverse? What about hydrogen and helium?
If the Sun consists of hydrogen and helium, then where do the elements of the entire periodic table come from, of which there are so many that any school physics teacher can confidently confirm their presence by spectral analysis of sunlight that has traveled 150 million kilometers to the Earth?
When there are exceptions, then the conclusion inevitably arises that the existing theory of the structure of the solar system and its bodies is imperfect, because it cannot clearly explain the obvious. These exceptions are mentioned in passing, without trying to explain the reason, or are generally silent. But there should not be anything isolated where the formation and development of the system proceeded on an equal footing. Aren't there too many exceptions to the rules of our science?
Therefore, there must be a Unified theory of the formation and development of the solar system and a unified law of motion of the bodies of planetary systems, where these so-called "exceptions" confirm the rule.
We go from the opinion that a balloon of hydrogen and helium would explode.
There should be the 8th row of the Periodic Law with this "island of stability", i.e. structural series of basic elements of the system.
These elements are the foundations of the universe, if you like, they have not yet been discovered in the basic, in the usual ways, because they were looking in the wrong way and in the wrong place where they need to be looked for and where they can be found. These transuranium elements must also have very long half-lives, comparable to or exceeding the age of all known terrestrial rocks and the solar system. It is impossible to obtain them artificially because of the too large required capacities of nuclear installations - there are simply no such ones now.
The periodic system is limited to 159 elements: in the 1st row - 2 elements, in the 2nd and 3rd - 8 each, in the 4th and 5th - 18 each, in the 6th - 32, in 7 -m - 34, in the 8th - 39.
Theroids have numbers 143-159 in the 8th row.
Assumed physical and mechanical properties of THEROIDS - stable transuranium elements (Nos. 143-159); №143 :
Atomic weight 331, Density, kg\dm2 35.67 , Melting point C 24275, Hardness HRC 25, Durable tensile kgf\mm2 2100, Specific activity curie\kg 281 , Half-life, sec 133481.2435*10 13.
№144 : Atomic weight 334, Density, kg\dm2 41.36 , Melting point C 2737, Hardness HRC 21, Durable tensile kgf\mm2 1200, Specific activity curie\kg 0 , Half-life, sec -.
№146 Atomic weight 337, Density, kg\dm2 42.64 , Melting point C 27815, Hardness HRC 13, Durable tensile kgf\mm2 270, Specific activity curie\kg 139 , Half-life, sec - .
Номера элементов, свойства147148149150151
Atomic weight339340345346348
Плотность, кг\дм241,3739,3143,4243,5632,42
Температура плавления С025 73827 42127 15827 73628 375
Твердость HRC1213132312
Прочн. растяжения кгс\мм224002400130014001200
Удельная активность кюри\кг1836523401586
Период полураспада, сек----
Содерж. в жидк. фазе ядра Земли, в %1,014,02,01,40,18
Содерж. в тверд. зоне ядра Земли, в %4,020,03,01,01,0

Номера элементов, свойства №152153154155156
Atomic weight349351352353354
Плотность, кг\дм243,4646,4843,6145,2545,28
Температура плавления С027 35827 37627 27113 73717 251
Твердость HRC3411122415
Прочн. растяжения кгс\мм21700370490620380
Удельная активность кюри\кг12376260160
Период полураспада, сек----
Номера элементов, свойства157158159
Atomic weight355356358
Плотность, кг\дм246,6247,4347,57
Температура плавления С043 61648 47348 358
Твердость HRC353123
Прочн. растяжения кгс\мм2313414001300
Удельная активность кюри\кг012360
Период полураспада, сек2425273,2413х1013-2253153,17х1013
THEROIDS ARE VERY DANGEROUS. It is necessary to weigh everything very carefully and carefully, to understand what is the benefit and danger of the steroids.
We came to the teroids in search of confirmation of the hypothesis of the structure of the Earth.
Elemental composition of the liquid zone of the Earth's core, in % : №157 11%, №155 24%, 154 18%, №153 11%, 148 14%, 147 1%, 149 2%, 146 2%, 143 3 %...
Elemental composition of the solid core of the Earth, in %: 159 48%, 156 11% , 147 4%, 149 (30%). .
All teroids have very high density and melting point, which confirms the assumption that from the first days of the planet, heavy elements, under the influence of gravity, drowned in molten matter and sank down: the cores of planets can only consist of teroids, and the crust of planets can only consist of lighter ones. elements, including scientifically respected iron and nickel.
In terms of tensile strength, teroids surpass carbon fiber (2300 kg / mm2) as the strongest known to us, therefore, these metals have an unusual structure that differs from the usual crystalline one. Apparently, this structure is microfiber, due to the properties of the outer electron shells.
The high melting temperatures of teroids confirm that at high temperatures the core of the planet can indeed be solid, and the presence of 24% teroid No. 155 (tmelt = 137370C) in the liquid zone of the core indicates that the metal alloy of this zone can be liquid.
Here the earth is identical to the sun.
If the earth year is 31.472299x10 6 sec, then the year can only be used as a measure of comparative assessment. Applying this estimated dimension, we get that the half-life of element No. 143 is 42.412295 billion years, and of element No. 157 is 770.605681 billion years, which is many times greater than the known age of the Earth.
But such stability of teroids cannot be explained only by the electronic structure of their shells. There must also be "something" that stabilizes the electron clouds, giving the teroids unusual properties. Correct. explained that these properties are due to their presence of a double electron shell, the second layer of which is formed by an elementary particle of the lepton class, unknown to earth science, the viton. (Viton: from the Latin vita - life, the name is given by simple)
VITON: - ve - elementary particle. The mass by electron is 0.62 m electron. Charge - 0 (zero). The shape of the orbit is an ellipse, in one of the foci of which there is an electron, i.e. The viton is a satellite of the second order relative to the nucleus and rotates around the electron, around which there can be up to 8 vitons. The energy saturation coefficient of the viton relative to the electron is 6.
Viton obeys all the laws of the wave theory for elementary particles. The propagation speed of the viton field relative to the speed of light is 4C (4 speeds of light in vacuum). The density of the viton information field relative to the electron is 10 5 (instead of 1 byte of information "by electron", you can put 100 kilobytes of information into the same volume). Viton - the most important elementary particle - the basis of biological fields and energy of the biological life of the planet.
We are surrounded by a complex world and the double shell of the atomic nuclei of theroids is a manifestation of the spatial shift factor in multidimensional space. Mutual penetration of spatial structures and their energy fields provide our very existence and life itself. The issues of the theory of multidimensional space and the synthesis of living matter will be discussed below, since it is better to comprehend unusual and difficult-to-perceive information gradually, from simple to complex, because as you understand the simple, the understanding of the more complex comes.
Since we started our reasoning with obvious inconsistencies with the reality of the views of modern science on the structure of the Earth, we will now try to present a model of its structure according to information
The sun is a metal star
But earlier we found out that the system was originally formed from superheavy elements. We also found that these superheavy elements - teroids - have a very high stability and their half-life is many times greater than the age of the solar system assumed by the generally accepted hypothesis. So where did they go if the sun is made up of hydrogen and helium?
They didn’t go anywhere - the Sun consists of them, since the Earth and the Sun were formed at the same time and from the same materials
, . Only because of the many times larger size and mass on the Sun, the shell of the crust has not yet hardened, remaining constantly in the "boiling bed" phase. As in the Earth's core, but due to intense radiation not screened by the crust, as in the Earth, it has a lower surface temperature.
The solar system must have one law:
All significant bodies of the Solar System were formed at the same time from the same materials, have different parameters due to the conditions of evolution due to the mass of the bodies and their distance from the center of the system;
- the energy of the solar system is based only on the decay reactions of the nuclei of transuranium stable metals to the final product - hydrogen and elementary particles;
- there are no nuclear fusion reactions in the system, because they are characteristic only in the phase of the birth of the system, their completion is the starting point for the beginning of the reactions of decay, life and evolution of the system.
solar structure model :The solid core has a diameter of 1076552 km, the composition is similar to the composition of the earth's core, the density is 43.032 g / cm3, which gives a mass of 2.8112x1030 kg; or about 52.31% of the mass of the Sun. The temperature is 15738°K, the processes are similar to the processes of the solid earth's core.

Liquid metal shell 110263.5 km thick, outer diameter at the boundary of the "fluidized layer" 1297079 km, density 41.37 g/cm3, shell mass 2.0423x1030 kg, or about 38% of the mass of the Sun, temperature 15738°K, processes are similar to the processes of the liquid shell of the earth's core.
The “fluidized layer” shell is 47450.5 km thick, the boundary of the outer diameter is 1391980 km, the concept of density is relative, the mass in combination with the mass of the atmosphere in the calculations is 0.5205x1030 kg, or about 9.685% of the mass of the Sun, the surface temperature is 5807 ° K at a pressure of y its surface is about 58 atm (excessive atmospheres).
The mass of the Sun should be 5.374x10 30 kg - significant deviations of the data of classical science are due to the incorrectness of the Law of universal gravitation, which does not take into account the mechanism of interaction between the metal core of a star and planets connected, in addition to the gravitational component, by a whole “bunch of fields” - it can also be called a “syndrome nuclear magnetic dipole.
Moreover, these parameters are the best possible confirmation of the initial premise of a metallic Sun from teroids.
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Jun 20, 2023
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What is the age of the Universe, the Solar System and the Earth; how much time is left for the solar system to live before the next “supernova” explosion, if each period of its development has already required so much time?
Scientists' hypotheses about how much longer the Universe, the Earth and the Sun will live are unsubstantiated and akin to fortune-telling on coffee grounds, and attempts to determine their age by analyzing ancient rocks of the earth's crust and meteorite matter are useless due to the obvious incorrectness of the search methodology.
That is, the analysis of calculating the age by the decay of carbon in a long time will not be correct.
Written - not by me essays and not the result of my labors, but taken for free from the Internet. It's like information can be obtained in several ways - let's say that you are a shepherd, you have a small herd and there is a green meadow beyond the horizon. How many ways that you will find out that there is green grass and you need to lead a herd there. The first logical one is that it rained there, which means there is green grass. The second - someone suggested - a traveler came from there and said that there was green grass. The third is to make a tower and look beyond the horizon. More - through meditation, and more - the angels prompted.
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