Scientists may have just cracked the sun's greatest mystery

May 20, 2022
What is the current explanation given for the "small-scale fast-moving magnetic waves that whirl on the sun's surface?" Thank you, Ms. Pultarova.
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Aug 7, 2023
Scientists may have just found what makes the sun's outer atmosphere, the corona, so inexplicably hot.

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The first question everyone has is "Does this higher energy output from the Sun impact Earth's weather?" As a possible resolution, why not use the temperature measuring capabilities our our Mars Orbiter to track that so-far-not-impacted-by-human-activity planet's reaction to changes in the Sun's output. We could then adjust for the very different atmospheres to see if this has any contribution to Earth's perceived climate change. We obviously need to reduce our use of fossil fuels, but we may decide to do it differently if we know the role this new science might contribute.
Dec 29, 2022
This(corona temp) has never been a stump, secret or mystery for classical physics.

As for all the relatively small spins on the surface, the most likely cause is an electrical Coriolis effect.

Plasma currents have inertia, just like electrical currents do here. But the inertia is not a neutral inertia, like a bowling ball. This inertia has a handedness(expressed as reactance) with it. It interacts with an angle. Further generating spins. Plasma is a flux. And nothing hides discrete fundamentals better than a flux. A flux gives us false narratives even to this day.

Be wary of all flux analysis. And remember all science and academia products, are a result of probability. Statistics. Data patterns. We only have comparative knowledge. And we can only speculate on the cause and reason the comparison is so. And we speculate wildly. Because our only restriction at present is mathematics. Which has a wide and funky range.

Physically is much, much more restrictive. Because an amount of physicality has a rate of handedness, independent of the past or the future. All physical rate of handedness. That includes a propagation.

But these are the old classical concepts which have been dis-proven with math and no longer taught in our society. So we have a lot of mysteries today. Mysteries within mysteries tied in some kind of spacetime knot. An irritation that can not be scratched.