Scientists solve a major climate mystery, confirming Earth is hotter than it's been in at least 120 centuries

Jan 22, 2021
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So basically they used a new a climate model to prove another climate model. Carl Sagan said that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Meanwhile, actual observed evidence supports the proposition that both the Roman Optimum and Medieval Warm Period were hotter than today. Yes, the Earth is warming. But the warmest in 128,000 years? That demands extraordinary evidence.
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Perhaps some group might be capable of producing a climate model that correlates the periodicity of natural climate change events like volcanic eruptions, tectonic shifts, etc. with the measured, natural increase in our Sun's energy output, and the measured growth in the technological human population. The next step would be to incorporate the result of such a "Kentucky Windage" climate model into the "best so far" data of the Earth's available/accessible human needed resources such as food production, water use, and manufacturing raw materials. Lastly, measurement of what's estimated against what's actually happening would be needed to provide a basis for human decision making. Face it. The Sun has ~5By left on the Main Sequence. During that time, Earth bound H. Sapiens will go extinct, sooner or later; hopefully, later. To be cynical, today's predictions/admonitions/fears of climate change/global warming sound like "Hoots in Haydes" of the "sooners" who appear as rapacious special interests, and political power mongers. N.B.: Dismissing out of hand the dire consequences predictions of climate change/global warming should not be done. Neither should marked, wholesale political decisions be imposed on societies based on today's "guesstaments" or the panicky "it's almost too late to do anything so do X,Yand Z right now". Today, the roadmap into our climate future seems foggy.
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Someone needs to defend climate science here; the casual presumptions of incompetence and bias are not backed by anything but unsupported claims and personal (dis)belief. Without scientists attempting reconstructions of past temperatures no-one can know if Medievel Warm Period was (globally) warmer than now or not. More than 10 such serious attempts to find out including the one cited in above article (using a quite different approach) all show the MWP was exceeded during the 20th century. Science that is in agreement is what happens when it is correct - it is not evidence of conspiracy.

The strength of science is documentation; everything that counts is documented and forever available for review, critique and revision. Any genuine falsification of results or global conspiracy would have been uncovered early on - Intelligence agencies could track it, Justice Dept's would prosecute and I don't buy into Deep State conspiracy theories.
How many satellites are there now observing climate and climate related phenomena - and ALL confirming we have rapid global warming? Natural climate cycles have not been passed over and ignored - but if you get your climate "science" exclusively from sources devoted to undermining trust in climate science you will inevitably distrust climate science. Go to the source first. Or look to our most accomplished and trusted science institutions. The National Academy of Sciences and others have independently reviewed and critiqued major climate studies - and found them fundamentally sound. Again and again.

Taking more than 3 decades of consistent top level science advice seriously demands serious responses but if climate activism appears to be coloured green and leans left it is because too many who lean right have refused to show leadership or even participate in good faith. It has been portrayed as a fringe issue driven by political extremists when it is not and never has been; it has been mainstream science that has been notable for NOT bending to the whims of politics. "You care, you fix it" is a profound betrayal of responsibility from people holding positions of high trust. Following it with "Not like THAT" doesn't help either. The depth of desire to find it is not valid science and influence their conclusions has gone to the very highest levels of governments but it is to the credit of scientists that they continue to hold to what actual scientific investigation is telling them.
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