Solar System Colonization Revisited!

Transferred from elsewhere (where it was essentially a tangent) for all those unfamiliar with space colonization and its potential meaning to life expanding out into the Solar System from Earth:

'The High Frontier', by Gerard K. O'Neill.

'Colonies in Space', by T. A. Heppenheimer:

I have it in my library but 'The National Space Society' has it online for open reading.

More in artwork:

Essentially pre-terraformed colonies. With them (construction of them . . . then many massive factory sites-in-space-custom prefabrication and construction of them) you can colonize the L-points in the Earth-Moon system. With them you can colonize Mars with cloud city-like orbital colonies above Mars in space in support of colonization on Mars. Transit shipping city-state points along the lanes from the Earth's L-point colony city-states . . . and Earth.

With them you can colonize Venus with cloud-city-like orbital colonies above Venus and make Mercury more or less the property of the Venus colonies like the Moon will be to Earth and the L-point colonies.

With them you can colonize the asteroid belt. Not in it but in belts of countless customized manmade colonies, stations, and other facilitations, close to it.

With them you can colonize the Jupiter system, the Saturn system, and on and on, the Solar System. Quadrillions of humans the apex atop a vast, vast, pyramid of life expanding throughout the system. Enormously more well customized . . . more well terraformed . . . high frontier surfaces of space than the raw, harsh, and alien surfaces and environs of all the planets and moons down in their gravity wells. Enormously larger numbers of shipping lanes, and spaceships and shipping, too, to all these customized rabbit hole stations of space. A brute force (mass energetic) front of transportation evolution -- and other technical and industrial evolutions and revolutions -- evolving toward conquest of interstellar space . . . 'in mass in passing to shrink the distances of the Solar System', evolving toward solutions to the "problem of relativity"!
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George Lucas's fictional 'Star Wars' characters talked "midichlorians," whatever, being the deep cell-particle structure of a cellular life and in-mass body of "life force" structure. The living structure within each of us and all life everywhere and everywhen extant (per Lucas).

In a way we are the top (the set of....) and in a way we aren't (simply individual pieces of the set).

Above in the post opening this thread I describe quadrillions of humans atop a vast, vast, pyramid of other life developing a new level of energy structure, of energetic spacefaring life structure, beginning in our own Solar System. Become cells ourselves, become midichlorians ourselves, in a next level out of our own individual and group level of life structure; the "pyramid" of life I describe gradually and inexorably taking on an overall life of its own separate from our cellular, midichlorian, lives within it and making up its cellular structure. In other words, a life just like us; just like life as we know it, hopefully more inevitably flexible and less inevitably brittle (subject to brittleness naturally breaking to an ugly extinction) than Hawking's prophesy of what will be if it doesn't happen.

"From a drop of water...."
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Continuing the grist of posts #1 and #2:

What goes for the universe in large goes for life in large. Thus, automatically equally in turn about, what goes for life in large goes for universe in large.

"Life Force," the apex and seventh fundamental force!

Once more, Stephen Hawking -- among some others -- openly, publicly, lamented the 19th through 20th centuries' split between realizations that should never have happened! There was no winner, only losers.

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