SpaceX says its 2nd Starship test flight could launch on Nov. 17 (video)


Many Thanks for the news coverage article from you on Starship 2nd launch.
After Apollo, and recently Artemis 1 flight around the moon, this is an extraordinary achievement from SpaceX.

Why is this most significant? Because it makes one realize that it indeed is possible for humans to revisit Moon and eventually Mars, the roadmap is practically outlined and progress is feasible.

Technology beyond this chemical based launch from earth needs to be supplemented with futuristic in space integrable engines and propulsion. Since Fusion has not yet been that close to reality, we can hope that Nuclear propulsion and other such candidates will augment Starships safe launch sequences with such enhancements in orbit. We like SpaceX Falcon series (which has built a great history of success and safety).

It is thus a very-very-big dream becoming true for future of Humans in Space.
Thanks to Visionary Elon and his colleagues at SpaceX you have built on shoulders of Dr Von Braun.
Many many thanks for this timely article.
(Dr. Ravi Sharma, Ph.D. USA)
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