SpaceX's Crew-7 Dragon capsule to dock at ISS with four astronauts aboard. Here's how to watch it live online.

Hi Macadoodle,
Beause you are discerning person who is not afraid of good ideas, hopefully coming from anywhere.
  1. single individual innovators for example Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and
  2. the collaborative inventors such as Fermi and Oppenheimer (recent movie is not all that is known about the Manhattan Project or the Scientist whom i knew and wrote an article about)
  3. I would like to Mention Werner Von Braun (with whom I worked for 4 years closely and kept in touch thereafter) .
  4. ITER, LHC, USDOE collaborations
  5. Elon Musk as the Innovator cum scientist cum great business success over last decade. SpaceX, Solar, Tesla etc.) We have to acknowledge his and executing teams in each endeavor for their vision-to-reality short term great achievements. Where I think some wrong turns are are in managing Social Media etc. and pollical leanings which the scientists also have a right to have.
  6. So you have put your Finger on the right innovator, they do not come easy nor often.
  7. Prayers for his mind to keep having Noble thoughts so HUMAN SPACE VENTURES CAN BE INSPIRED AT THE LEAST.
(Dr. Ravi Sharma, Ph.D. USA)
NASA Apollo Achievement Award
Ontolog Board of Trustees
Particle and Space Physics
Senior Enterprise Architect


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