Star blows giant exoplanet's atmosphere away, leaving massive tail in its wake

"The extra-solar planet, or exoplanet, known as HAT-P-32 b has a mass around 68% that of Jupiter but is twice as wide as the solar system's largest planet. HAT-P-32 exists just 3.2 million miles from its parent star, or about 3% of the distance between Earth and the sun, and completes an orbit every 2.2 days. This proximity means the gas giant is roasted by radiation from its parent star, classifying HAT-P-32 b as a "hot Jupiter" planet."

There are 1686 exoplanets moving around their stars < 0.1 au distance. Many more will be roasted too.

Astronomy finds an abundance of exoplanets, very different than our Earth with life teeming on it.
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HAT-P-32 has 1.2 x the Sun's mass, 1.4 times its radius. Temperature is 6000K vs Sun at 5772K. Planet's distance is 0.0344 AU.
Heat flow varies by the 4th power of temperature delta, inverse 2nd power of distance. Insolation to this planet is thus (1/0.0344)^2 x (6000/5772)^4.
I get 845 times just due to distance. Another 16% due to temperature. Take extra sunscreen.