'Stupendously large' black holes could grow to truly monstrous s


Oct 22, 2019
This was a fun read. A black hole with 100E+9 solar masses, the Schwarzschild radius ~ 2.95E+11 km, diameter ~ 3948 AU. Sgr A* reported at 4.5E+6 solar masses. Schwarzschild radius ~ 1.3E+7 km, diameter ~ 0.18 AU. Should be even more fun if any BH this size are discovered and reported :)
Aug 14, 2020
I suspect there is an upper limit to size within a universe. It will crunch and bloat to the point where it has "holed" so much it will itself fall into it and close up the hole behind it. The infinite of crunch is the Big Crunch and every wormhole of a blackhole points, leads, to it. One should always remember that it is not only a matter of mass-energy but also a matter of space-time. Or is it elastically contracting mass-space and expanding time-energy? In any case there should be a limit to its weight in point in the universe (before the particular [finite] universe simply drops it out, zeroes it out), a limit to its distortion of space-time before the wrap wraps to the point of snapping shut on itself (reaching the point where it becomes its own worst enemy, its own nemesis).

It's not going to reach hyper-dimensionality, hyper-finite, or infinity, up or down, in or out, because such is already taken care of by the Universe. The most it could do is merge, and that is what I said above. So, it will have a limit. We just don't exactly what that limit is, yet. After all, size is a relative notion.
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