May 18, 2024
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Einstein's theory of gravity is based on the notion that space-time can be curved (by mass and energy) and uses geodesics to describe its curvature.

So what is a geodesic ?
A geodesic is the shortest line between two points on a spherical or curved surface (Oxford def.).

But space has no surface, and time does not have one either, so geodesics in space/time are not applicable. Therefore space/time cannot have any curvature, which was kind of obvious from the beginning- unless you were on crack like Einstein. Who not only did not understand refraction, he did not understand what geodesy is either.

The notion of Geodesic comes from Geodesy, the science which studies earth's shape, which has a curved surface (Geo meaning Earth in latin). It has nothing to do with space, which has no shape or surface. General relativity is based on a complete misuse and misunderstanding of the notion of geodesics. It is completelly illogical as it ignores the definition which requires a surface, which space obviously does not and cannot have.

Unless it is a physical object, like the solid sky firmanent from the holy babble. Which is not what Einstein believed in, as he called it a book of childish superstitions. (amen to that)

And 'the fabric of space-time', in which he believed, is nothing but a geometrical concept. There is nothing physical in it, as he rejected the existence of aether. The fabric is made of nothing. Therefore, there is nothing in space that can curve. Or expand for that matter.
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