The Milky Way is warped, and it might be the work of dark matter

Mar 8, 2022
What reigns things into any observable shapes and forms in the vacuum of space are gravity differentials.
That is the containment mechanism.
An orbit is formed by a[n approximately] circular gravity differential.
If DM is in a football shape the gravity differential is at the exterior of the 'football' (the pigskin).
I would expect that random movement would, over time, tend to fill the volume to the major gravity differential boundary where it would be contained.
You can't have it both ways.
With the shape of the/a galaxy relatively disk shaped, but the 4+ times more massive DM is in a football shape how does that even make sense?
The disk web work of gravity is quite weak & fragile, bordering on insignificant relative to the proposed DM values.

My thought is the waving at the edge might be a slow motion ripple from some strong perturbing impulse in the past that is still possibly echoing.

I think the unexpected gravitational effect (in galaxies) is happening on the interiors of the (especially outer) stars.
It connects the stars with an additional vector of gravity in the time-speed/gravity dimension,
between stellar interiors and the event horizon of the central black hole.
Net amplifying their attraction to the galactic center.
That would give galaxies unexpected coherence.
That is how (only) that observed effect is carried around as a galaxy travels.
It would have no (very little) effect on the surface of space.

Why else would the DM proposed for virtually every galaxy be exactly proportional to the size of its own central black hole?

I also guess that there is other gravity that can't be unaccounted for by standard mechanisms.
Mar 8, 2022
..."recent studies have suggested a tight correlation between the masses of the black hole and the galaxy’s dark matter halo."


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