These lava tubes could be the safest place for explorers to live on Mars

Dec 20, 2019
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Wow, a blast from the past! This idea was first put forward back in 2010, when photos revealed the existence of "skylights" or entrances to a series of caves and tunnels in the side of the Pavonis Mons volcano. Scientists at that time suggested that they could be used as a safe haven for astronauts to survive in, while on Mars. Two years later, the idea was borught forward again. Then in 2014, several members of The Planetary Society put forward the same suggestion in an April 13th paper. It was then presented again in September, 2017 by two Italian scientists in a new study presented in Riga, Latvia. And now here it is again. What was old is new again. Nothing new to see here folks, go about your business.

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