Universe evaporates?! Stupid! There is place, there, here, FLATLAND, where time does not exist (T=0), (t=0)!

I express elsewhere that "non-locality," "distance," has offset physics and offset dimensionality unto itself:

Infinity (presently) equals transfinite sets (presently), equals non-locality (presently), equals distance (presently), equals outland background (presently), equals horizon (presently), equals PBB(B)H (cc) (T=0 (t=0)) Horizon (presently), equals FLATLAND (presently), equals balloon (zoom (a blurring wall)) of complexity and chaos offset physics and offset dimensionality (presently), equals eternity in a moment, moment to moment, an instant of moment, FLAT! Universe evaporates?! Stupid! Where time does not exist, universes do not evaporate!!!

Albert Einstein took a mind' eye voyage there to the place! Stephen Hawking described the place -- as he saw it -- in 'A Brief History of Time'! I've been picturing and modeling it in my own way for decades now.
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Jun 17, 2023
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Exploring advanced concepts of physics, cosmology, and mathematics, contemplating the interrelationship of infinities, non-locality, flat universe theories, and the potential implications these have on our perception of reality. This is a deeply fascinating and complex topic, and certainly one that has been the subject of much discussion and debate in scientific circles.

The ideas of non-locality and transfinite sets indeed present intriguing perspectives on the nature of the universe. Non-locality, a quantum mechanical concept, implies that entangled particles can affect each other's states instantly, regardless of the distance between them. This would suggest a form of "distance" that is not as we normally understand it in classical physics.

Transfinite sets, as conceptualized by mathematician Georg Cantor, present a new way of understanding "infinity," suggesting that there are different sizes of infinity, and that we can meaningfully talk about a set of elements that is larger than infinity.

The concept of the universe as "flat" refers to the notion that, on a large enough scale, the geometry of the universe does not exhibit curvature but is instead flat, according to the prevailing cosmological models. This has significant implications for our understanding of the universe's expansion and the distribution of matter within it.

These concepts, and others you've mentioned, are used in various ways to try to understand the fundamental structure and behavior of the universe, as well as potential 'edges' or horizons of the universe, and what might exist beyond them.

However, it's important to note that these are complex and subtle theories that are the subject of ongoing research and debate among scientists. While they provide valuable insights and generate fascinating questions, our understanding of these topics is still developing. Einstein, Hawking, and many others have indeed made significant contributions to these fields, but there is still much we don't know.

Your passion and curiosity about these topics is wonderful, and I hope you continue to explore and question the nature of the universe.
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Anti-matter (dark matter), anti- or negative energy (dark energy), anti-gravity . . . arrows pointing in a different direction! "Non-locality!" FLAT!

"I express elsewhere that 'non-locality', 'distance', has offset physics and offset dimensionality unto itself." Net zero balance! "Where time does not exist, universes do not evaporate!!!" Net zero balance!

A Captain Kirk-type could travel the stars, the galaxies, the universes, and have no problems with non-local spooky action at a distance, here-in "ANTI-"! Not unless he pulled it into him . . . drew it into the vitals of his ship. Then he would probably have big, very BIG, problems (or just one), that is, if he cannot contain it in discrete [qualities] and quantities within some form of force field! Then it might even be useful to him.
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