We may finally be able to test one of Stephen Hawking's most far-out ideas

It still amazes me that some professionals explain the universe 1-dimensionally . . . meaning no existence of continuum whatsoever. Most especially, timeless beginning alongside of timeless end. They can talk about death of the universe being around since some beginning of the universe and continuing, but their beginning of the universe only happened once. A continuance of death and dying (a continuance of the cold of the bumpy-lumpy bubbles of the space-time utopias), but no continuance whatsoever of youth and life (no continuance of the heat of the flat-smooth plane of the mass-energetic base (the provider base), the mass-energetic wild).

No mention here of future universe (universes), meaning the unobserved, and unobservable, future universe (universes). For example, say, the universe 'Now (t=0)' 13 billion x 6 trillion miles from Earth 'Now (t=0)'. That is a lot of motion passing, a lot of curvature that existed and exists, a lot of changes of every kind, a boiling cauldron of unobserved and unobservable change, between.

But a possible exception to the rule may exist somewhat: There is a thing (quantum entanglement) Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance." And that 'future-ism' (that 'Now (t=0)') is just maybe detectable to some degree -- maybe even to a large degree -- in the macrocosm due to "spooky action at a distance" (due to a macrocosmic version of quantum entanglement). Despite what the pros keep telling mankind, a youthful, life filled universe may have an equal share of the Cosmic All, an equal share of the total of 'past-future', with their dead and dying universe.

Even Stephen Hawking, himself, once imagined and wrote of life possibly always migrating toward the universe horizons of rising, oncoming, mass-energetic youth and life. Where would they be? Always right next door . . . the next frontier out to be discovered and found. But strictly only in the migration of life to life.