What is the drama going on with Betelgeuse

Aug 24, 2020
My theory, among others, about Betelgeuse is that it has already gone supernova.

This might account for why it appears to be doing unusual things.

Based on what I remember about this star there is not a consensus among astronomers in terms of how far away it is compared to most other stars.

I have heard of estimates as close as 500 light years, but as far as 800 light years.

This to might be due to distortion from the shock wave. Of course we can"t see it yet.

The shockwave could arrive at anytime without warning, but the good news is it's just going to be a really neat light show.

All astronomers are sure about this. It will not effect us in anyway because it is to far away.

When this supernova reaches us, it may be hard to see in the daytime, but at night it will appear about as large and as bright as a full moon for about six months.

I sure hope it happens in our lifetime, because I would love to see it.
Sep 2, 2020
In its normal state, Betelgeuse is about 100 thousand times brighter than the Sun, but it burns up all its hydrogen reserves, so its life is very short - only up to 10 million years. Given that the state of the red supergiant is the last stage of Betelgeuse's life, I'd take the unusual changes in the star's brightness as the first sign of its imminent death and transformation into a supernova.
Feb 11, 2020
I think that's a logical explanation and I've heard that it will explode in the next couple millions years or in even 100,000 years. What we are observing could possibly be part of the stages of a star's final time. It would take the light from Betelgeuse about 642 years to get to us, and I agree with Michael Varn that I would love to see it.


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