Question What's your most anticipated celestial event or upcoming space launch?

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May 31, 2020
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I’m definitely interested in space launches to the Moon, not so much Mars. People are so fiercely ready to get to Mars, that they forget how far mars is away from earth. If we can set up a base , or bases, on the moon , well then we can then launch from the moon to mars? Wouldn’t that be more cost effective, and get us to mars much faster?

Also as I understand it the moon can provide earth with Helium-3 ( yeah, I got that info from the film ‘Moon’, lol. Good flick! ) and many other minerals, metals, possibly water, etc., etc. “According to Sarah Cruddas, mining the Moon will help humans travel further in space, to places like Mars. Sarah's a space journalist, says the Moon can become "an intergalactic petrol station" - because it has the resources needed for rocket fuel - like hydrogen and oxygen.” -

So, yes I see the moon as most important, or we can hitch a ride on a comet/asteroid to mars if that’s even possible, ha,that’s probably impossible. The moon would be a good starting point for mining, as well as a good jump off point straight to Mars. Just so long as scientists/engineers don’t blow the moon in half because they made a slice miscalculation placing too much TNT in the wrong spot...and yes this is also another film ‘The Time Machine’ ( the remake. I’m a huge sci-fi film buff) If you haven’t seen it it’s worth a watch just too see what happens in the far future after the moon falls out of orbit, all because of slight miscalculation with the placement of TNT on the moon. I learned a lesson from this, be very careful when you venture into outer space and tinker with moons, planets ( terraforming, I wish I could be alive to see humans terraform mars ), mining asteroids and comets, etc. So I’m interested in the moon at this moment, but also comets and asteroids. I think it would be cool to live inside an asteroid or comet, this way we can use it as a spacecraft and save money since we would need to build a space craft. We could just hitch a ride. Peeeeewww and away we go!
Oct 26, 2019
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I really wish they would launch and setup the JWST B4 I pass away. I have end stage COPD and I have been patiently looking forward to this for years now. It's getting rediculous, the amount of time and money we all have in this thing. I want to c the edge of the Universe b4 I die!
Well imo have to check mu launch calendar and get back at y' all on nat 1
I got a pretty full lunch calendar. Why heavens to Betsy ima sposed to be meetin' Pastor an Mrs. Johnson for lunch after church today! Ill talk at y'all later . Bye now
May 30, 2020
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My most anticipated events involv any body (asteroid, comet, etc.) that is approaching the Earth as Near Miss, Near Approach, or Direct Approach, etc. I would like to look and track them.
Sep 20, 2020
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Greetings space fans!

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Any Mars landing and possible lift of , while I think gravitation field around Mars is far from known . Planets with small moons have much "faster" low satellite orbits (my calculations)
This is why every landing must exceed all safety margins (thus the "educating" track record ).