Why there Must be Reduced Space in a Mass Field

Why there Must be Reduced Space in a Mass Field

2024 May 25

If mass were simply a function of graduated time dilation/slowing relative to external viewing through Euclidean normal space,

a span of parallel light going through a mass field would all remain in parallel trajectories only the light lines closest to the mass center would travel more slowly.

There would be no externally apparent 'curving'/redirecting of trajectories,

There would be no gravity.

For apparent curving and gravitational effects to occur there must be some variation in space as well as time[-slowing].

The two primary possibilities are
1) more than Euclidean normal space or
2) less than Euclidean normal space.

1) Additional space,
which would have to expand into some degree of higher dimension,
would deflect, diffuse & diverge trajectories coming at & into it.
More space creates additional movement options.

That is NOT what we observe.

2) Reduced space,
which would contract space to some degree into straighter, shorter lower dimension,
would converge, bring together trajectories coming at and into it.
Reducing space has a declining number of movement options.

That IS what we observe.

Mass objects passing proximate to one another find their trajectories converging in the manner we call gravity.

That is why the stretched lengthened rubber sheet is a horrible contradictory appalling piece of mind pollution.

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