Question Why We Haven’t Met Any Aliens Yet?

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Ok here we have what I can only attribute to an old commercial: is it real or is it Memorex. After reading the article it’s hard for me to see it as anything other than an attempt to show, that for anyone to imagine, the existence of other life forms out there is preposterous.
Is it alright if I reject these three hypothesis out of hand. Ok while I am of the mind that we cannot possibly be the only intelligent life to be, found in the entire Universe (let alone if there is such a thing as multi-verses). The vastness of just our galaxy, the Milky Way makes it improbable, even just statistically wise, for that to be true.

While I am not saying that our galaxy itself is teaming with extra-terrestrials. When we consider the estimated size of the Milky Way, for us to be the only ones in this our galaxy. I would say that is highly unlikely. Extrapolate that out to the Universe as a whole and well I think at the very least those prospects, being true, are much harder to reconcile.

Heck here is an easy press to test on at least one of the reasons some give as to why there are no other intelligent life forms out there. Well, we should know that (have discovered, or found proof of, one) by now, as being proof of that. If you were to meet up with a person, out in the street, who had never heard of Schrödinger and you asked him/her whether the cat was alive or dead; chances are just as good that they would say, or at the very least think, how do I know there is even a cat in there.

Now as for why I can’t buy into the other two well that’s easy you’re talking about creationism (the ability to create (I suppose out of nothing) in the first one and the self-perpetuating immortality(?) in the second one.