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  1. Vector EQ

    This must explain gravity?

    You know, I'm not a scientist, just someone who spends a lot of time pondering things, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But here's a thought that's been bouncing around in my head lately: could gravity be an emergent property of the entire universe moving through higher dimensions? Hear...
  2. pruthvi

    Wiki Gravitational binding energy

    The gravitational binding energy of a system is the minimum energy which must be added to it in order for the system to cease being in a gravitationally bound state
  3. Curious guy

    Question Bending Space

    Hi Space forum, I am not an astro scientist or related, just some ordinary guy that love mystery hidden in our space. Pardon me if my question is too ordinary. I have too much question about space. 1. I once watched about gravity visualized video that said star bend space (visualized with a...
  4. SIDexplorer

    Dark matter or something else

    Can it not be so that the dark matter we're looking for perhaps not even exist and the bindimg/repelling force might be space itself, since black holes collide and gravitational waves are generated, and the speed at which those waves travel can't surpass that of light, so it may be that those...
  5. Captain Nemesis

    My new ideas about gravity and anti-matter...

    After thorough contemplation, I have new ideas about gravity and anti-matter. Gravity: gravity is elasticity of the spacetime (including matter and anti-matter) or, in other words, the tendency to return to the natural state of infinite density also called initial singularity. Remember that...
  6. S

    Question Galactic Velocity in the Outer Rim

    A while ago I saw a documentary that explained that the velocity of the objects orbiting the center of the galaxy which are positioned on the outer rim of the galaxy, match the velocity of the objects orbiting the center of the galaxy which are positioned on the inner rim of the galaxy. I'd...
  7. Zachary Alexander P.

    Wiki Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Fusion, Electromagnetism and Gravity.

    An article about Black Holes, Neutron Stars, Fusion, Electromagnetism and Gravity. Link to article on google docs. The article is 38 pages long in print format of font size 11. A lot of the space in the 38 pages is taken up by relevant images that express the ideas. Throughout the article there...
  8. K

    Question on using the sun as a telescope lens

    I read an article on using the sun's gravity as a giant telescope lens. See . Great idea but it said the focal point is too far away to use this idea right now. What I don't understand is why we have to jump straight to using the sun...
  9. GreenThings

    What is 1 solar mass?

    In the past, I accepted what was consistent results from a search. "1 solar mass is the mass of the sun." NOT! That would never compute! Everywhere is regurgitation. 1 year and 1 AU computes to 1 SolarMass = SUN + EARTH mass . The disinfo everywhere, even here. Stop it, thanks. ref...
  10. M

    Low Gravity and Its effects on fluids

    Hi I need cleverer minds than my own...... i have a question regarding the effect of low gravity and fluids We have all seen astronauts in space and the effects zero-g has on water but how low does gravity have to get before it does that? If we could land on a planet with only 0.2g of earth...
  11. D

    What would gravity feel like on a hollow earth?

    If you had 2 earths, one original and the other hollow with a 1m thick crust but with identical mass and dimensions as our earth. Would you experience gravity identically on the outer surface of both? Also, what would you feel if you stood on the inside surface of the hollow earth? If you stood...
  12. R

    Is it possible that tidal bulge (by Moon/Sun) is just a increase in the volume of ocean water?

    I got an idea that Moon/Sun causes solid earth's volume change(by distorting Earth's spherical shape). Is it possible that ocean water volume increases due to gravitational pull by Moon/Sun? Also, due to this eccentric change, Earth's rotation gets unbalanced, So it tries to get balanced by...
  13. Lord Herbivore

    Question Has anyone thought about gravity in this way, and does it make any sense?

    I am a medical doctor with only an amateur interest in space-time, so please forgive me if this is stupid. Has anyone thought about gravity in the following way? We know that space-time distorts near massive bodies so that "time flows more slowly" there – gravitational time dilation, right? We...
  14. akashrao

    twin body theory

    every celestial body, it is said, is part of a 2 or twin body system which revolve around a common centre of gravity, which sometimes lay inside one of the 2 such celestial bodies (because one is bigger than the other) so it looks as if the other is revolving around this ... is this theory...
  15. M

    These equations can explain dark matter

    F = Y1f1f2/r^2 Y1= 3.62*10^-111 m^3 kg F= Y2fm/r^2 Y2=4.91*10^-61 m^3 s^-1 These equations can explain why we can detect dark matter's gravitational effect but not dark matter itself. Please check the following link for the source.
  16. mati

    Space-time Is Swirling Around Big Stars,Like Einstein`s Relativity Theory Predicted Space-Time is relative-not fixed absolute,like Einstein`s General Relativity Theory predicted over 100 years ago !
  17. C

    Question Mars Pressure Suits

    If Earth has pressure (like the deep Ocean) from gravity then what if you need to Decompress the Human Body in a Decompression Chamber to keep the body from fatigue?
  18. Takeoverangels

    Curved gravity

    Could quantified quadrahelium be responsible for curved gravity? Thanks...