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    Some questions about space must be answered urgently

    I have some questions that I need an urgent answer (Where there is a place on Mars with -63 degrees (I would love if it would be with a picture
  2. Thomas Likes Space

    Mars Landing Plan

    Hey, it's me! Sorry for being offline for a while. My question is about the Mars landing, as i asked earlier in my career: Does anyone think we well reach mars by 2024 and live? Most of you guys agreed, since that was a viral post with 1K visits (Thank you guys so much!), i...
  3. Thomas Likes Space

    Question Coral on Mars?

    I am sorry, the image cant be shown because of a memory level of mine 🤦‍♀️. Basically i saw an image with a hole with a brain-formed object inside. Due my current coral knownlegde. I reckoned that it could be Braincoral. Reply your answer. Coming Back at my post, @Catastrophe said: So it...
  4. Thomas Likes Space

    Question Does anyone agree with this post about mars?

    Before we continue, please go to for images. Alright, we know the planet mars. If you go to and go to mars, you will find an image with a frozen bottom right of the planet (atleast i think). Frozen objects/ice would melt, and then become water. Some of people...
  5. ProvidenceFX

    SN9 rocket short cinematic animation #wip1

    I posted this in another thread, but I think this place is more appropriate. A quick animation project I've working on. Spaceship's animation with a cinematic effect. View:
  6. pillarsofcreation

    3000 Days on Mars - 5 Achievements of the Curiosity rOVER

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    I signed up to to make this one and only comment. The ads on the page are absolutely ridiculous. Reading the article I stumbled upon was incredibly annoying. Props to all you patient beings that actually put up with it. Brian W out.
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    Hydrorocket for the amateur It seems that the following design of the marching engine of the torpedo "Squall" may be suitable for amateur rocketry. This applies to metals with a pronounced hydroreaction. The torpedo moves in...
  9. RGClark

    Astronaut who spent 197 days on the ISS shows how hard it is to walk on Earth again.

  10. akashrao

    life on mars

    why did life end on mars? when would it re-begin ...
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    NASA Blueberry Alyssa Carson is 19 and hopes to be the first person Mars

    She was an ambassador of the now-defunct Mars One expedition but has been involved with NASA for over a decade. Interview with her on YouTube:
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    A Promising Future. The ExoMars 2020 Mission.

    ExoMars (Exobiology on Mars) is an astrobiology program by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian space agency Roscosmos. The goals of ExoMars are to search for signs of past life on Mars, investigate how the Martian water and geochemical environment vary, investigate atmospheric trace...
  13. PangaeaUtopianAlphaOne


    Terraforming has been my insights for Humanity to do one thing right before exploring the stars and colonize planets. That is to Terraform areas that seem impossible on our planet, but Truly in my Heart, Mind and Soul it's not impossible. If we can Terraform part of a Dessert into a lush...