Mars Landing Plan

Mar 14, 2021
Hey, it's me! Sorry for being offline for a while. My question is about the Mars landing, as i asked earlier in my career: Does anyone think we well reach mars by 2024 and live? Most of you guys agreed, since that was a viral post with 1K visits (Thank you guys so much!), i thought it'll be funny to go and ask what the plan is of the landing.

Question 1: When will we start the launch?
Question 2: How are we building that Mars Base/Building with the air we breathe in and out?
Question 3: Can we use WiFi/Internet? So if i go to mars i would be able to post here ;-).
And basically what's the plan with everything in one?

- Thomas ;-)
Dec 9, 2020
What the plan for 2024 on Mars? Mr. Musk has made the boast/promise/objective; shouldn't he publish the details? I for one am especially interested in when and where Mr. Musk's associates will call for Mars volunteer colonists. I have a list of those I would like to volunteer.
2024 landing on Mars would certainly be an ambitious accomplishment. I didnt see the previous post, but if this 2024 timeline is based off of Elon's annoucement in 2017, he updated that prediction to 2026.

As a side note: NASA is under presidential orders to land humans on Mars by 2033.