Question Does anyone agree with this post about mars?

Mar 14, 2021
Before we continue, please go to for images.

Alright, we know the planet mars.

If you go to and go to mars, you will find an image with a frozen bottom right of the planet (atleast i think).

Frozen objects/ice would melt, and then become water.

Some of people say the sun is white, so does it have white reflection? If it does my theory will be wrong which i can agree with.

Leave your reply as: It's frozen, and why it would be. If you think it's reflection, then say it's reflection and why.

Other of my Mars theories will be posted soon.

From your space lover: Thomas.

The replies are really respected. Thanks to @zclayton and @Catastrophe for respecting me.
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Dec 23, 2019
Its frozen for the same reasons the Arctic and Antarctic are frozen on Earth. Its cold there. Since Mars is farther away from the sun than Earth is, it is colder there than it is here, a "balmy" summer day at the Mars equator is still below freezing. So No, ice doesn't melt. If the ice has a lot of salt (of all types available on Mars) mixed with it, it may melt and run in small streams downhill before it evaporates - that is what some pictures indicate for specific areas, but it is the exception, not the normal.
Mar 14, 2021
@zclayton thanks for the reply. The post will soon be edited on the credit of you.

I have 1 question, does mars spin? Soon it'll evaporate if it spins right. Mars is of course farther away from the boiling hot ball Sun.

Your reply is amazing for a beginner space lover like me.
"Soon it'll evaporate if it spins right."

The point is, what is "right"?

Are you seriously suggesting that Mars will throw off matter by centripetal force? If so, how is any planet including Earth still here?

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Apr 1, 2020
Yes, Mars does rotate, very much like the Earth does. A martian day is just slightly longer than a day on Earth @ 24 hours and 37 minutes (source Wiki).

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Oct 22, 2019
I note in post #1, "Other of my Mars theories will be posted soon."

Hopefully, these *Mars theories* to come will also disclose the size of the planet and Mars distance from the Sun and Earth. I have read a number of forums discussion on Mars that have issues here.
Mar 14, 2021
@Wolfshadw So that would mean, that i am right? If i am, this is my actual first discovery!

Here it is morning by the time i am posting this reply on your reply. So that's a great start to the morning.
I am greatful to hear that. I am still a young man so this is great for me.