2 manned Ion Engine sizes

For the Solar System manned, two Ion Engine sizes are needed. An F111A cargo analogue, and ones smaller than a car engine; a Sukhoi analogue. 6 of the big ones can be made in Manitoba maybe with sounding rocket tooling. And the smaller ones, maybe 100k on a ship though piping between engines is hazardous, designed to be replaced or altered mid-course, in Montreal. The metamaterials hoop will be different, a solid hoop for the big RF sources. At the very earliest 2040 and 2042 would enable NEO targets but observatories and probes are perhaps first needed. I can sensor for radiation and long carbon chain toxins. The bigger engine is needed for Earth to beyond Uranus and will presumable be iron pellets melted. Manned means higher top speed. The aluminum components will likely be made in vacuum conditions to ensure oxides aren't present. The engines won't be well modelled early as I'll need to cut corners modelling ions not interacting in the engine that are interacting magnetically. I imagine NASA, and Silicon Valley as the only early potential customers.

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