2 merging supermassive black holes spotted at 'cosmic noon' in early universe

Apr 6, 2023
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"This doesn't break our ideas of cosmology, but it begins to push the limits on how quickly both galaxies and galaxy clusters must have formed."

I find this comment fascinating because an incredible number of discoveries and findings in recent years are painting the same picture. There are populations of objects in the early universe that in fact do break our current ideas of cosmology. We continue to find things that "shouldn't be there" or "shouldn't have had enough time to form". How long before we need some new ideas in cosmology?
We need new ideas right now. Our current models do not account for how fast the first stars formed and burned out.

- We are probably over estimating how long it takes for a cloud of primordal hydrogen to shed energy and collapse to form a star.

- We are probably over estimating how long a primordal hydrogen star takes to burn out.

The need for new ideas is most likely in the fields of heat transfer and nuclear fusion.