An Illustration of Special Relativity Half Right

Aug 14, 2020
Need For Science has a really good article on 'The Brilliant Mind Of Albert Einstein'. The problem is the cone illustration of Special Relativity three quarters of the way into the article. If you really want to illustrate eternity put two more arrows of time side by side with the ones illustrated (pointing away from the observer) only pointing into the observer in the center, thus forming a loop: two loops.

As a 66 year student of history I know for a certainty that history repeats in its larger physic. That is because change is limited in physics; is finite in physics rather than infinite (you can only repeat a physic, the physics, an infinity of times (both horizontally and vertically)). In quantum mechanics the possible paths a particle can and will take are not infinite in number, so in the macrocosm the possible paths change will take are equally [not] infinite in number. Special Relativity is not a matter of infinities, including eternity. Infinity of time, or eternity of time, resides in lateral layout of an infinite Universe of an infinity of finite universes, thus an infinity of loops, not in any endless singular arrow of time as in the representation of Special Relativity illustrated by the cones in the article.

So time, including eternity, should always be represented by a loop, by loops, representing the finite that change ultimately is in its physics, never by a runaway arrow always pointing away to Nowhereland. In case of the illustration there should be two more arrows side by side with the arrows in the illustration, only pointing in to the observer rather than away (thus representing the loop(s) of time). Where from and to on the other end? Why, the BC||BB <@> |0| <@> BB||BC, that's where.
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