Arctic squirrel research may teach NASA astronauts how to hibernate on deep space missions

Feb 10, 2023
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I was hoping we'd get further into exploring hibernation. Un-ironically it was found humans are indeed capable of hibernation, through a few incidents that occured over the many winters, there was an incident where a woman supposedly froze to death after her car broke down on a highway between towns and before she could get help, she collapsed and was found in a similar state as hibernation. This woman in question was brought back from such a state (she was found an entire day after the blizzard), by introducing warmed saline solution into her blood stream. It took hours but she ultimately awaken well rested and with no damage to vital organs despite having nearly frozen to death and her heartbeat slowing to a hibernation like state.

I'd like to imagine the mental health benefits due to hibernation as opposed to being awake for the entire trip to Mars, one is very isolating and the other is almost like pressing pause on life until the destination is reached.