Boeing's Starliner to join exclusive spacecraft club with 1st astronaut launch today

May 6, 2024
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You're article says that the Starliner will join an elite cadre of spacecraft crewed by NASA astronauts in space. It has one easy to understand but glaring error- it will not be the sixth, but the seventh. You have forgotten the Lunar Lander of the Apollo program. A total of 19 astronauts flew in it for extended periods. The odd number is the result of Apollo 13 bringing the crew of 3 back to Earth. Then there was the Skylab, that should count as a spacecraft hosting astronauts, and there is the ISS. Now, if you get more specific and state that it is the 6th spacecraft to launch NASA astronauts into orbit, the Lunar Lander did that too, tho it launched from the Moon not Earth.

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