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Comet Leonard will light up the sky this month — here's how to see it


Oct 22, 2019
Comet Leonard is visible using my 10x50 binoculars. I was out early this morning viewing. [Observed 0500-0545 EST/1000-1045 UT. Sunrise 0706 EST/1206 UT. Waning crescent Moon in Virgo, very lovely sight this morning. I used 10x50 binoculars and observed comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) this morning, small faint fuzz. Stellarium 0.21.2 and Starry Night Pro Plus 8 reported apparent magnitude near 6.68 but theskylive.com site shows + 8.0, this looks more accurate. The comet was above Arcturus in Canes Venatici when I viewed not far from Coma Berenices, about 3 degrees 22 arcminute angular separation from Beta Comae Berenices star (apparent magnitude + 4.20/4.21) using Stellarium 0.21.2 angle mode and Starry Night Pro Plus 8 chart views. Christmas lights around my house on south side were bright too when I viewed 🙂 Temperature -2C, winds calm, a lovely early morning sky mostly clear with some cirrus.]