current manned Mars Moons and asteroid belt ranking

For successful manned missions leaving in 10 yrs and return: NASA is 1, SpaceX 0.8, Me 0.6, USA field 0.4, Russia 0.21, Canada 0.2 (tied w/ ATI unsold), Belgium 0.1, India 0.01 (0.04 if UK protectorate, 0.02 if 100M a population chosen in 1980).
Jagr would rise from 0.1 to 0.4 if a Manhattan is started. Russia is 0.3 w/ CIS esp. Kaz.). EU only amalgamating for space would be 0.7.
Head-to-head NASA beats SpaceX for one mission survivability 0.5-0.49 (RADAR is the edge). No Columbia and co-operation from 2003 they are 75%. The field beats NASA, me and SpaceX; nano-parity would reduce the field's edge 1.4 to 1.19 control systems now field's biggest edge. Just the Mars system SpaceX beats NASA 1.04-1; RADAR parity would be SpaceX 1.08.
Belgium wins space food: healthy ingredients waffles heated to 80C. The Elmwood suburb beats Belgium at space animation. Texas edges MB. Chretein makes the 1st list 0.08 if kept power and 0.12 w/ UHV expertise.

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