Dark Matter 'Acid Test'

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In order for the dark energy to exist for the expansion of the universe to be accelerating, the mass expansion must exist to maintain place in e=mc^2. In other words, a steady state between the mass matter and the mass energy will exist. A co-existence always between the force of the relative contractions to infinity (infinitesimal) and the force of the relative expansions to infinity (infinite).

In a curvature of universe, the straightest line between two points cuts across, through, the lines of curvature. In a flat Flatland universe, the straightest line between two points is an arcing line of curvature more or less perpendicular to the flat. Either way, asymptotic.

Solitons and soliton waves (Scholarpedia):

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DM does not have repelling properties. A DM particle can only interact with itself and other matter via gravity. A cloud of DM particles will orbit a common barycenter forever. Two particles can only zip by each other, they cannot bump, stick or otherwise interact. Thus they cannot shed energy, which is a must if a cloud is to coalesce.
If DM can't bump they either merge or move through each other like bosons.

How would DM maintain its perfect uniform distribution if an unlimited stack of them can pile up and create a huge gravity all in the same point/position?

What? A new 'dark quasi-magnetism'. 'Like' charges repelling one another? That's how actual atomic matter does it.
DM is not uniformly distributed, as there are areas with more of it. Since DM cannot collapse on its own, since it cannot interact with itself except through gravity, there must be some other reason it appears in clouds. Perhaps it originated evenly distributed and black holes stole it from certain areas. Perhaps it did not originate evenly distributed.
So essentially what one proposes is indistinguishable from untethered existential gravity (which relativity includes).

And at such point that this existential gravity is demonstrated to not be there,
the DM hypothesis can be laid to rest alongside other defunct theories.
DM does not cluster since it cannot form atoms and molecules.
When DM which can be described by QFT transforms, it can form atoms and molecules.
Kindly forgive me but my paper is about to come out, journal delays, hence thereafter I will show all how it happens!
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