'Dark matter' is Provably Wrong.

Mar 8, 2022
'Dark matter' is Provably Wrong.

If one thinks about it almost all galaxies behave rotationally differently than one would expect from standard gravity.
In the Solar system Mercury orbits every 88 days, while the outer planets take hundreds of Earth years.
That entails very different Rotations Per Period (of time) (RPP).
Looking at the Gaia data graphics (available on line) the Milkyway galaxy seems to rotate like a wobbly CD,
in other words, unexpectedly all at about the same RPP.
The inner galactic stars are orbiting too slowly & the outer galactic stars are orbiting too fast, when compared to our Solar system.
So if one created a 'faucet washer' shape of gravitational attraction it would pull those inner stars out & the outer stars in which would seem to account for the unexpected gravitational behavior.*
The ONLY reason to hypothesize this matter is to contrive gravity to explain observed movement.
So what is wrong with hypothesizing that some kind of matter & its mass in a 'faucet washer' shape is causing this?

A lot.

A ridiculous lot.

This hypothesized matter has NO radiant properties.
This hypothetical matter must be distributed with butter cream uniformity, because otherwise stars & planets would fall into the gravity 'gutters' caused by its lumps & clumps where we could virtually 'see' it.
So we must be swimming through it with every single move we make, every breath we take.
This hypothesized matter hovers in fixed forms around/within galaxies without good explanations for maintaining these artificial forms that don't respond expectedly to the established laws of physics.

1) First & worst problem,
Hypothesized 'dark matter' would have self-contradicting responses to gravity.

At the outer edge of this shape of matter it has all this hypothesized matter and its huge gravity on one side, & nothing but a few stray stars on the other, yet even over the billions of years of the lifetime of a galaxy it doesn't migrate inward under gravity's influence. It is immune to gravity there.

In the middle of this shape of hypothesized matter, where we are, it doesn't pile up around stars & planets & amplify their gravites, so it is immune to gravity there as well.

How could something that is in space-time not be forced to follow the fundamental curvatures of that space-time?
I guess that is another of its magical properties?

Now it contradicts with itself.
When a galaxy orbits another galaxy following the curvature of gravity this hypothesized matter follows THAT curvature of gravity.

That is just absurd.

It only follows/tracks exo-galactic gravity?
Selective gravity?
That is nonsensical.
That is virtual proof of fallacy.

2) Second problem,
The central black hole of a galaxy is in the center of the hole, the void in the hypothesized matter.
When a galaxy orbits another galaxy all this stays relatively concentric.
The only way to keep that order with this hypothesized matter is to

require a whole new law of physics(!?!),

namely the mutual repulsion between black holes & dark matter.

I am incredulous.

3) Third problem,
The measured data from almost every single galaxy out there demands a quantity of hypothesized matter that is in EXACT proportionality with the size of the central black hole of a given galaxy.
One would expect that this hypothesized matter would be independent of the mass of a given central black hole.
Sometimes there would be measurably proportionately more 'dark matter' than the central black hole in a particular galaxy & less in another.
To me this says what is going on is related to some kind of gravitational effect related directly to the central black hole & NOT this silly 'dark matter' and its artificial 'halos' @@.

I am struck by the artificial configurations the hypothetical matter is supposed to ridgidly hold on to without being responsive to the actual events & goings on of real galaxies. Like its inertia & gravity responses are just something to be ignored by trala academics.
What kind of physics is that? It's not.

And this nonsense has been profered for 80 dang years, by people who claim to be very intelligent & scientifically scruptulous? What a sad state of affairs.

*Note, in an elliptical/spherical galaxy it would be in the form of a filled sphere with a hollowed out spherical hole at its center.

**For those who might suggest that this hypothesized matter is in orbit around the central black hole in a disk galaxy, how would that even be possible in an elliptical/spherical galaxy? It wouldn't.

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