Dark Matter or Does it Matter

Do we really need Dark Matter? What can replace it?

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Jan 12, 2024
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Solving the issue of Dark matter has been kicked down the road for several decades. A considerable amount of money has been allocated to locate what does not exist.

Unless something is done, this will continue as it benefits those receiving money for portraying Dark Matter as a Reality.

Let's treat Dark Matter for what it is. Dark Matter is just another way of covering for ignorance.

For those Dark Matter zealots, you need to move on and stop kicking the can down the road.

If one can believe in Dark Matter, the step needed to believe in quantized particles of space will be easily conquered.

Properties for quantized particles of space:
- Source is needed to create them and can push them out as they are created.
- A lower density of space particles is created by mass absorbing space.
- Properties are the same Dark Matter - invisible, does not absorb light, no mass, it affects matter gravitationally, blah, blah......
- They always move to a lower density or until blocked.
- Particles of space do not require mass to move.
- Space moves in the direction needed so that masses will have sufficient quantized space to absorb.

As quantized space is absorbed matter creates ?

Quantized space is replaced by having a source near or outside the galaxy.

The space moving inward will become the Dark Matter that has baffled discovery.

Please remember the source can push on particles of space, before newtonian gravity can touch them.

Do we really need Dark Matter???????????? or Does it matter.
Jan 12, 2024
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Why must I select an affirmative solution?
Thank you for letting me about the poll. I need to somehow delete it.
The right hardward might just prove that Dark Matter is just Quantized Particles of Space.
Not only does QPS explain Dark Matter it also would replace MOND.
thanks for taking the time to reply,
For me, a very large portion of missing, invisible, and non-reactive mass in this universe is no mystery.

Solar wind. Eons of it. Matter disintegration. Nullified particles. Nullified with velocity.

It very well could be over haft of what the universe started with. No one knows and no way in inventory.

But it does not help with the mystery of gravity. Or star velocities. This mass seems to be immune to gravity.

It is not immune to everything, but the reaction from it is so rarefied(without density), it would be hard to detect. Hard x-ray and gamma will wiggle it. And even might fluorescent it. But it would be short and weak.

It's all lost material unless something slows it all down. The energy needed for such is impossible to produce and harness. Cosmic Entropy has many producers. Stars.
Sep 11, 2020
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The DARK CYCLE which is in a lot of ways similar to the water cycle except it is composed of circulating dark matter. In the solar system the sun both vaporizes and condenses dark matter and is the primary accelerator of liquid and gaseous dark matter. The condensed Liquid Dark Matter reaches a point where it spins spins off the sphere of dark matter that rotates around the barycenter of the solar system and out along the plane of the solar system. The Gaseous Dark Matter primarily jets out from the poles of the sun some with enough velocity to leave the solar system. Some LDM is entrained and carried along. When I first did the calculations for the diameter of the solar dark matter sphere I was sure I had made a mistake until I learned that it coincided with the Alfven limit.

In the galaxy the black hole is either the vaporizer or the condenser of the dark matter and may even have a solid dark matter component at the barycenter of the galaxy. When a galaxy is feeding the LDM and plasma is vaporized and blasts out the poles of the galaxy. As the LDM content drops the Solid Dark Matter begins to dissolve also. During this stage the LDM content along the plane of the galaxy is also depleted. Once the black hole stops feeding the black hole turns into a condenser and begins to increase the LDM content from the plane out. Eventually the SDM begins to grow. It should be distinguishable from the stars and black holes that circle the SMB as it will circle the barycenter and not feed on gas or dust.

The filaments of the cosmic web are where dark matter meets dust and gas before they collectively rain back to the depths of the gravity well to feed galaxies. If not for the GDM and entrained LDM blasted out by the AGN there would be considerably less circulation to collect the gas and dust back to the depths of the gravity wells.
The future universe of the future light cone is a "dark" universe of "dark" matter and "dark" energy.

One expansion model / picture of universe is into the future universe of the future light cone. It exists as concurrence throughout its existence in space and time, thus an existence, an expansionary existence over distant expanses, far too vast and fast for the constancy of the speed of light -- the speed of observable universe -- to keep up!
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