Do black holes hide the secrets of their ancestors?

Apr 15, 2024
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The universe is composed of matter, the forces of nature, and open spaces. Matter wields gravity and all the forces to accomplish it's objectives, which are to make regular matter sections of the universe, harness them back in and recycle them via transition from regular matter to neutron star, then neutron star to primordial matter of bottled up quarks and nuclear forces squeezed to the center of a black hole, then primordial matter back to regular matter via a pulverizing big bang explosion from a single hot dark dense state into open spaces of the universe. Gravity only does what matter indicates: add matter, you add gravity, take away matter you reduce gravity. But matter does everything else, it wields nuclear forces to transition between primary states and to form regular matter sections of the universe, and it wields gravity to hold stars firm from the outward pressures of fusion and to accumulate the precious primordial matter in a black hole for later use. In these regards, matter is controlling and operative. We ourselves are made of matter, and matter knows it can make intelligent life out of big bangs, so in that respect matter possesses all human knowledge and all other knowledge, and any subsequent big bang might only add to this knowledge. So yes, black holes are part of the universe's matter, and they're preparing for new universe sections as they accumulate the precious primordial matter for the next big bang, so in that respect they do possess the knowledge of everything the matter accomplished before heading into the black hole for accumulation and redistribution.