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"Continuum", so to speak:

Invert a black hole transparency and you have a white hole transparency. Close in on any black hole and you have an accelerating expansion (gravitational), an accelerating opening (gravitational), toward and to the open system (the self-similar fractal zooms universe structure). The black hole singularities (always plural! Heisenberg and Schrodinger, don't you know) will always be elsewhere in the universe as universe issuing (transparent) white hole singularities.

The one fundamental force that inevitably, ever entropically, effectively forbids the contracting and absolute closing of the universe (effectively forbids absolute closure, forbidding through 'asymptote'! both microcosmically and macrocosmically) is the fundamental weak force....

To be cont'd . . . Maybe.

"An ever-continuing perfect end (perfect ending) is in endless beginning . . . and vice-versa." -- Atlan0001
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Doing 'third person':

But . . . but . . . but, you, yourself, are always saying, "You can't have 'one world' without 'two worlds'!" You can't have your 'open systemic universe' without the equal but opposite 'closed systemic universe' (the other world)!

How very true!

You ready for Einstein's own cosmological constant -- that he thought a blunder -- to resurface always, and usually, in my picturing, my modeling?!

Again, how very true! Which is why the [closed up to (closed up in) 'superposition'] "collapsed cosmological constant (/\) Planck / Big Bang 'Mirror Horizon' ('Horizon Mirror' (t=0))" of infinities of horizon universes (thus infinities of 'POINT-horizon' universes) exists! It must and would be (it is) the only reality of Einstein's vaunted eternally "Static Universe" (including his famous "mind's eye" trip to the speed of light (t=0) . . . and including Hawking's "Grand Central Station of the Universe" with its own 'Clock' , its own time (t=0) on the 'Clock', a version of Einstein's time found (t=0). (Entangled, entangling, spontaneous concurrent REALTIME ('Frontier') instant (t=0)!)

"An ever-continuing perfect end (perfect ending) is in endless beginning . . . and vice-versa." -- Atlan0001

"Brevity may be the soul of wit but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.

The first and foremost "lesson of history": "History always repeats itself in large aspect, though rarely if ever in fine detail."
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Looking at illustrations of wormholes I realized something very wrong with them. The wormhole is the only space in the illustrations . . . and all that curvature illustrated is nothing but the light-timelines of SPACETIME.

I described tunneling through space before but haven't thought much to realize a proper straight-line lead of unobserved, unobservable, space in space travel is really a space travel tunneling (wormholing) the curved light-timeline of SPACETIME. But it is in fact just a second way to see what Limitless Space Institute (LSI) and NASA are already thinking may be quite possible regarding interstellar travel. You don't want to be chasing into the observed curvatures of light-time (chasing after light) at a distance if you can help it. You will end up with forced corrections to your navigation, greater distances to travel, and time and energy (power) wasted.

Just think, the universe . . . as far as continuous accelerations in traveling through it . . . may be vastly shorter in spatial distances to be traveled between points of it than observations into lengthy light-time-line curvatures tells us.
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1.) Past tense is the ascent (t=+1) to "entangled, entangling, spontaneous concurrent instant of REALTIME 'Frontier' (t=0)!"
2.) Future tense is the descent (t=-1) to "entangled...."
3.) Upshot! The future is NOW (t=0, t=+1, +2, +3, +4. +5...!) (....-5, -4, -3, -2, t=-1, t=0!)!

1.) "An ever-continuing perfect ending is in endless beginning . . . and vice-versa." -- Atlan0001
2.) The first and foremost "lesson of history": "History always repeats itself in large aspect ('Deja vu'), though rarely if ever in fine details" (the accelerating expansion of life in the universe (to infinities) is infinitely mitigated by the accelerating expansion of everything else in the universe (to infinities). Set! and, Reset! )
3.) "Brevity may be the soul of wit but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.
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Read this irritating article concerning time travel:

We will eventually have "time travel" to many Earth-like worlds of many Earth-like historical times, from beginnings to ends, within "space travel", as I've already alluded to, it just won't be what this article speaks to. That kind of "time travel" involves the scattering of infinities of parallel universes (u), "scattering" similar to, if not exactly similar to:

Among the infinities of branch universes (past and future, like and different), what do you think are the odds, and your chances, of finding exactly the right universe and exactly the right Earth within it to meet and shake hands with your grandfather as a young boy?! I say slim and none! In REALTIME (t=0) we are always at/in the beginning, middle, and end of time. The collapsed cosmological constant (/\) Planck / Big Bang 'Mirror Horizon' ('Horizon Mirror' (t=0))" of infinities of horizon universes (thus infinities of 'POINT-horizon' universes) is always deep within every fiber and particle makeup of our own being! Linearly, we aren't going to time travel before our 'present' beginning, middle, and end, to time itself!

You want to observe the same Sun and Earth your grandfather stood upon and observed, at the same time he did these things, travel a few dozen light years out into interstellar space and look back to the Sol and the Earth of your young grandfather's day. Therein, you will be in its clock time, your young grandfather's time, as far as light's coordinate points' SPACETIME is concerned. That will be as close to traveling backwards in your own Earth's history as you can ever get. And the further out and faster you can travel, the further backward in the history of Sol and the Earth, and eventually the Milky Way, you could look and be parallel with in a "hologram universe (u)."
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Two things:

I'm saying this! A nice micro scoping magnification shot closing in on (resolving the light of) the microcosmic Planck (Big Bang) Horizon limit! Somewhere along the line it transitioned from a macroscopic verse to a microscopic verse! But, of course, the universe was the overlapping overlay cause of the transference in observance to a hybrid-superposition effect. You can't observe SPACE. You can't observe infinity. The JWST is looking up and out / The JWST is looking down and in / the result is a stirring mixing cauldron.

Two (repeating herein):
Chaos Theory's 1-dimensional "string" has point but no line to it.
Chaos Theory's 2-dimensional "Sierpinski Carpet" has line but no surface plane to it.
Chaos Theory's 3-dimensional "Menger Sponge" has surface plane but no volume to it.
Chaos Theory's 4-dimensional....

"Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." -- Thomas S. Kuhn.
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I was watching a video presented on black holes:

A black hole, an electroweak star, takes in more mass matter over a greater range and exudes more mass energy than any other kind of star or galaxy there is. E=mc^2.

There are black hole transparencies, and there are white hole transparencies and possibly, probably even, they fit together. But a wormhole is a hybrid trojan of the two, quantumly entangled twin ended point-portal "tunnel" SPACE, and thus, being neither one of the other two.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
For spherical analogy, see:

Cat :)
I could go for the "inverse square", and a half-dozen pointers, but I'm not in the mood! I've got other fish to fry.

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SPACE, for the vacuum void it is, is densely loaded to the max with facets, forces, masses and energies, directions and magnitudes.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), among the others like it, is fixed to the Earth and can keep particles driving in constant accelerations like microcosmic ships. If only we could figure out how to bottle it . . . to turn it inside out to the universe in a SPACE loaded with forces and energies, and use SPACE as the accelerator (that it is anyway) to drive a 'soliton bubble' of ship internally powered by fusion generation between distant points of the universe (contracting the SPACE -- warping the SPACE -- as needed and wanted between points)!
Ad #562:

If the best of all possible lanes to the edge of interstellar SPACE were 1-billion miles from the Sun (out of the Sun's more or less interplanetary equatorial disk), it could place the above post $562 (powered) traveler on the edge of interstellar SPACE 1-billion miles from Proxima Centauri, or any other star in direct line from Earth and not interfered with by some other intervening star:

If the best of all possible lanes to the edge of intergalactic SPACE were 1-billion miles from a particular point of edge of the stars of the Milky Way (out of the Milky Way's more or less interstellar equatorial disk), it could place the above post #562 (powered) traveler on a similar edge of intergalactic SPACE 1-billion miles away from an edge star of the Andromeda galaxy in direct line from the Milky Way galaxy:

I have repeatedly said (lately!) that in my view "gravity" is the fundamental force (aka "dark energy") of emergent SPACE (emergent gravity), the opening system (the accelerating expansion) to the open system. The more I realize the possibilities of the open system, the more I realize the probability of Einstein's entangled and entangling "spooky action at a distance" (at any distance), and powering (accelerating) "Through the Looking Glass".

The "1-billion miles" was an arbitrary figure, as you can guess. It could have been less, or more. The point was to turn stars, and galaxies into points of a system of quantum realm points "at a distance," rather than stars and galaxies, between which the traveler travels. The Sun no longer the Sun but a bright point in a universe of points capable of being entangled in "spooky action at a distance." The Earth, no longer the Earth, but increasingly a "blue dot" in a quantum realm of dots "at a distance" . . . which the traveler will be that close to and will choose between to travel to, and arrive to, vastly sooner than you might believe possible (in moving, tunneling, back and forth between a more quantum microcosmic realm and a more classically relative macrocosmic realm).
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There will be nothing so fine in the future of 'Frontier' as running on the electromagnetic rails (LHC turned inside out and bottled as a bubble of soliton wave) of gravity's emergent SPACE (Posts #562-#564 and:

I woke up this morning realizing I'm probably the only actual resident logician and meta-physicist expert on things "antimatter"! The equal but oppositely charged. The counter intuitive. Charge flipping (CPT). Parity flipping (CPT). Time reversal (CPT reversal). Reverse spins. Reverse flows. The counter clock-wise universe. How entropy, negative and positive, actually works and the why of entropy. The antimatter among us....

For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Such as, light-time frames observably descend in time at exactly the same instant they ascend in time. Opposed arrows (+/-) precisely canceling to zero and a constant existing.
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Brought partially from #566 to extend:

"For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Such as, light-time frames observably descend in time at exactly the same instant they ascend in time. Opposed arrows (+/-) precisely canceling to zero and a constant existing":

Neither of the light cones' arrows point in the right multi-dimensional directions (the should point (past(+)<-@->(+)|(-)<-@->(-)future) rather than two 1-dimensionalities (<--past|future-->)) and there should be no line-arrows, period, extending horizontally out from the hypersurface. But otherwise not a bad representation.
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Looking hard at all four numbered items in #567 do you see any similarity to:

Any "self-similarity," I would call it?

I want to add this one in regarding omni-directional gravitational wave fronts meeting:


Also, there is such a thing as the quantum jump state in the quantum realm of the microcosm, so in all of the above I think realizing are JUMP-SPACE states regarding intergalactic space, interstellar space, interplanetary space, and so on, when it comes to external (cosmic power drives) and internal power-driven objects such as ships equipped and powered for constant acceleration. Post #562 through #565, and #567 and #568 all address the possibility of the JUMP-SPACE state we would discover one day (if we get constant acceleration through a constant power drive) allowing getting from planet to planet in the Solar System in virtually no time flat, star system to star system in virtually no time flat, and galaxy to galaxy in virtually no time flat.

If, and I mean if! we have alien UFOs stopping on our "fly over country" planet any time for any reason, they have to be using a constant acceleration drive, and dealing in the JUMP-SPACE I've pointed to and enumerated above, regarding their fast travels, incredibly fast travels to us, through the universe . . . and/or through universes.
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This researcher can "suggest" all he wants; it is the existence of "Lagrange Space" that, just for one example, already proves extra-dimensions of extra-gravitational gravity ("emergent SPACE," "hyperspace," "subspace," quantum leaps and "JUMP-SPACE," "fractal zooms universe structure....") exist (emergent gravity's -- emergent SPACE's -- partner, the fundamental strong binding force "set, and reset," to fundamental "set" (the self-similar "Mandelbrot Set", the in-depth 2-d flat example of "set, and reset").

I'm NOT! going off on a tangent here:

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It took me a while, a long, long, long, while to finally figure it out, to see it for what it is! The "open system" of the universe is the "emergent" universe . . . the eternally "emerging" universe. Nothing more! Nothing less!

Not necessarily in any order in listing:
1.) Asymptote.
2.) Gravity constant ('G').
3.) Casimer force effect.
5.) Wormhole(s).
6.) 0-point energy:

7.) Matter / Antimatter parity.
8.) Fractal zooms universe structure.
9.) Mandelbrot Set.
10.) .... to be or not to be cont'd.
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I list and constantly deal in REALTIME NOW's (t=0) and SPACETIME's (t=+1 (past histories) (t=-1 (future histories)), but am always forgetting to pull in, put in, the primal driver of the "Life Force" animation of the Universe (U), the Planck (Big Bang) Horizon collapsed cosmological constant (/\) unit, Planck (Big Bang) heat which I see to be a fourth dimension of time, T=1 (both an instant of time and an infinity of time ("for all time") at one and the same time . . . like a fly, always short lived but always around, Schrodinger function-like (never not around , , , top down, bottom up, outside-in, inside-out, Chaos Theory's always 'Thermal Smooth' (T=1) of the Universe (U) and universes (u))).

Altogether, a three point dimensional time triangulation (triangle) that flows fourth dimensionally . . . motion driven (altogether (T=1)).
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Apr 23, 2024
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I was wrong above. This is the thread I'm going to continue on in, leaving the other '.... (TOE)'. It has just the slightest different opening gist to it and, overall, I'm not trying for a stone-monolith of thread despite the variety of sides to the universe built in that thread.

I want to continue into this thread with something I posted in another ('Time Space....') and will be deleting there:

Wrong. You are ignoring gravity (g=x) and the fifth force, push gravity (G) directly tied to -- directly translating from -- the gravitational pull (G) of / push (G) to, the infinity of multiverse universes in, of, beyond, the collapsed constant of the PBB(B)H Horizon. The universe, as a universe, expands. Ipso facto, the universe, as a universe, contracts. Parallelism.

If we lived in the observed expansionist warp-space universe, we'd observe a contracting warp-space universe. But we live in the paralleling contracting warp-space universe -- in, on, the other side of the coin -- and therefore observe an expansionist warp-space universe. One expanding (warping) to "nowhere," expanding (warping) into "nothing." A mutually canceling combo-universe, that in its cross-canceling combine, is therefore actually, really, going nowhere! At least not explosively / implosively.

You are ignoring the fact of two dimensions to time, Hawking's universal (T=0|1 (unity) (fbb2 (0|1)) "Grand Central Station" of the Mulitverse Universe (of the [infinity absolute] of the universes (u) / of the [infinity absolute] of universe horizons (h)) 'Time', and Einstein's (t=x) 'spacetime'.

Time at the speed of light 'c' = 0|1 (unity ((+/-) 300,000kps = (+/-) 1 = 0-point)) per Hawking's illustration is (T=0|1 (unity)).

(And in this above, I just now, via my own shorthand (skip) shortcutting, figured out, realized, too, Sean Carroll's description -- from 'Something Deeply Hidden' -- of the what, the how, and the why of a certain brand of "string." Which means I was short one string-cord to a three-string cord, rather than an, to me unnatural, two string cord as I had it, "self-similarity" of instrument. Yeah! And that string-cord third dimension closing the system gives me my fourth dimension of 0 (0-point (portal)) opening the system (giving me what dimensionality I was forcing before)!!!)

Time at the speed of light 'c' = +300,000kps per Einstein is (t=x (t = chaos (anarchy))).

The physic of 'finite' is the virtuality of Relativity, the subjective 'relative' of observed and observable universe.

The physic of infinite ([infinite (infinitesimal) / infinitesimal (infinite)], ultimately one and the same infinite) is the unobserved and unobservable objective 'absolute'.

There are many more spokes than one spoke, including many more kinds of spoke, connecting the hub horizons (h) to the rim 'Horizon' (h) of the multiverse universe (u) and universes (u): Connecting the hub Horizon (h) to the rim horizons (h) of the multiverse universe (u) and universes (u). The tree is, and all the trees are, in the forest; the forest is in the tree and all the trees. Or think 'set' and the 'elementary constituency' of the set.

It's an Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe (U).
What is this piffle actually about? If anything!
Albert Einstein once said to his critics, "Please don't hold me to things I said before I knew better!" I don't think anyone ever dealt in more considered imaginative "piffle" that eventually turned out to be something.

It was clearly meant to be nothing but a personal attack, though, since he didn't bother to look further into posts, pointers, and other posts in other threads for further work, turns (verses). And he could have simply left it, and me, alone! He could have worked up his own thread and post picturing and modeling.

That particular word, "piffle," he used leaves me wondering who's behind the name!!!! That is one peculiar word he likes, and what he posted and how he posted it, just too familiar!

"Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." -- Thomas S. Kuhn.

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- 'Sherlock Holmes: A study in Scarlet; by Arthur Canon Doyle . . . "Could infer the possibility!"

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds...." -- Albert Einstein
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