Gravity and Entropy

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Gravity seams popular all over, i will drop this here, and then go check a bit : : Gravity Emerges from Quantum Information, Say Physicists
Friday, March 26, 2010

A few month's ago, Erik Verlinde at the the University of Amsterdam put forward one such idea which has taken the world of physics by storm. Verlinde suggested that gravity is merely a manifestation of entropy in the Universe. His idea is based on the second law of thermodynamics, that entropy always increases over time. It suggests that differences in entropy between parts of the Universe generates a force that redistributes matter in a way that maximises entropy. This is the force we call gravity.

Gravity from Quantum Information

It is suggested that the Einstein equation can be derived by using the Landauer’s principle applied
to an information erasing process at causal horizons and Jacobson’s idea linking the Einstein
equation to thermodynamics. Our result implies that gravity has a quantum informational origin.


FIG. 1. To calculate the gravitational field at P by a massive object M at the center, consider an accelerating observer O relative to the local inertial frame at P. It is possible that for the observer the object M appears to cross a local Rindler horizon (represented by the dotted line) of the observer. This results in the increase of the horizon entropy.

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In short, the Einstein equation links matter to gravity and his famous formula E = mc2 links matter to energy. We know also that the Landauer’s principle links information to energy. Thus, now we have a relation between information and gravity, the Einstein equation with the quantum informational interpretation. Our theory implies that the Einstein equation is more about information rather than energy or equation of state. In other words, information might be more profound physical entity than matter or field.


So gravity is basically entropy in action like an apple on a tree suddenly falling is caused by gravity .
So that means after the apple has reached its destination the ground there is no more action to be had in
between the tree branch and the apple landing on the ground . Basically entropy is the progression of time
moving forward it's the abscence of time like with the big bang the planets are still spinning to stay in orbit,
but everything is moving away from the origin of the big bang and time .The planets are staying in space while
everything is slowly moving outward around us . So time is moving forward but everything that leads back
to the big bang from it's expansion onward has ceased . That's all I can figure .
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