Has anyone heard of updated plans for Bigelow Aerospace?

Nov 13, 2020
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As I'm sure at least some of you know, before the Covid-19 situation Bigelow Aerospace and its director Robert Bigelow seemed to be going ahead to construct a private space station in low earth orbit in the near future. Then just when Covid-19 and government measures against it began I heard he laid off all his staff and put operations on hold until after things returned mostly to normal. Now that we have a number of vaccines against Covid-19 that are being widely administered and the figures for Covid-19 cases and deaths are going down has anyone heard when or if Bigelow Aerospace will resume operations including rehiring staff? Also what happened to their Genesis 1 and 2 uncrewed modules in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) if they don't have staff at their mission control at Las Vegas? I believe Bigelow Aerospace still has their BEAM module attached to the ISS and ISS astronauts are still periodically checking it and gathering data about how it's functioning in space. Will this still lead to Mr. Bigelow going ahead soon and rehiring some staff to start work in earnest to make an inflatable private space station in LEO soon? I heard during the Covid-19 period Mr. Bigelow's wife passed away which I'm sorry to hear and hope for comfort to him. I heard this has led him to shift focus to looking into contacting those including his wife who have passed away and that he might have started up a new company for this. What do other people know about this and what extent could this distract Mr. Bigelow from resuming operations of Bigelow Aerospace including going ahead with building, launching and operating in LEO or even for the surface of the moon more of his inflatable modules including perhaps for some of them to be crewed by astronauts? I checked the Bigelow Aerospace web site, Facebook and Twitter accounts and there doesn't seem to be any updates since about the end of 2019. Does anyone know that if Mr. Bigelow doesn't plan to resume operations of Bigelow Aerospace even after things get back more to normal from Covid-19 or the government measures taken against it whether he plans to sell the inflatable module technology to any other entrepeneur or aerospace company and let them develop it and if so who and when?
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This guy?

Seems a bit o' snake oil salesman type. No thank you.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
"Thus the first place will receive 500 thousand dollars, the second 300 thousand and the third 150 thousand."

Since when did 500,000, 300,000, and 150,000 add up to 1,000,000?

Or am I missing something?

Cat :)
Mar 7, 2021
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You are welcome?
I checked out the video. Rogan is by far the more interesting talker, a real pro (natch) at keeping the show interesting. I am about to follow it up by watching Rogan's interview of George Knapp.
Thanks again.

Bigelow, by the way, may not be glib as a talk show guest but he does indeed put his money where his mouth is when matters come to advancing exploration of space. Talk radio's Art Bell often used to mention Bob Bigelow's interest and financial involvement in all things cosmic.

That's something I'd like to see more of among billionaires. The only two figures I can think of are Bob Bigelow and the late Paul Allen.