Question How many lunar eclipses did Jupiter have last year?

Jul 26, 2021
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Is it true that if you observe Jupiter and its moons with a gadget that allows you to see at most 4 of these, you see only 3 on average.
There is an article titled Jupiter’s Equinox and Mutual Events of its 4 Major Moons. The website is titled EarthSky. It discusses in detail the occurrence of the equinox which happens twice every twelve years and the eclipses (mutual events) which occur between the moons.
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31 Mar 2021 — Around Jupiter's equinoxes, we on Earth always have an opportunity to see a series of mutual events – or you might call them eclipses – of ...

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24 Apr 2021 — Mutual events of Jupiter's moons · 6 May: Io's shadow eclipses Europa from 04:26-04:32 BST (03:26-03:32 UT). · 14 May: Ganymede's shadow eclipses ...

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