Humanity needs a space-rescue capability, report stresses

Aug 6, 2021
Well, the chances are, it won't be called International Rescue ... I mean, good grief, to set the cat amongst the chickenhawks, this is going to require the NASA to work hand-in-hand with the PRC's Space Agency instead of foot-in-mouth with the panic-mongers.

For what very very little it is worth, the denial of in-space rescue of astronauts/cosmonauts/taikonauts in peril of their lives for reasons of state and not of physics, was regarded in the late eighties as a hostile act approaching murder.
May 14, 2021
People, especially the passengers, will have to realize that a rescue launch won’t be at a moment’s notice, it’ll depend on things like prepping the launch vehicle (can’t keep fuel in it all the time like a Coast Guard cutter), launch windows (the launch happens when the Earth rotates until the pad is aligned with the orbital plane of the distressed vessel), and the like. A standard dock needs to be implemented as a ‘spacewalk rescue’ would very difficult for amateur passengers.