Space Rescue Service' needed for coming space tourism era, report argues

Aug 6, 2021
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I was reading said article and I got up to "who would fund it" and I asked myself, who finds salvage in Earth's seas? The answer is, to use the words of one Twoflower, acquaintance of one failed wizard Rincewind, "In-sewer-ants", which indirectly causes the worst fire Ankh-Morpork has yet experienced.
Insurance funds salvage on the Earth's seas. There is no reason why insurance would be unable to fund rescue missions in space - I mean, now that SpaceX has proven it is possible to go to space on a regular, almost daily basis, and return on the same basis, it should be possible for launch companies to enter serious discussions with insurance companies on premiums ... and likewise, any future space rescue organization or company.


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