Infinity Is An Amazing Cosmic And Math Entity: Another Reason Why


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
"Infinity feels like a number, yet it doesn’t behave like one. You can add or subtract any finite number to infinity and the result is still the same infinity you started with. But that doesn’t mean all infinities are created equal."

Infinity is not a number. No Problem.

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Infinity already is infinite duplication as well as infinite difference. In Chaos Theory infinite duplication, herein to mean exact duplication, is a brand of fractal self-similarity (to infinity). An example would be, a traveler that leaves relativity to his originating departure point, would leave that departure point relativity in all of an infinity of relative universes. There would not be an bit of difference in traveler or leaving or universe. No difference from just one traveler, just one leaving, just one universe. The infinity could overlay, inlay, into just one and the same particulate (universe), exactly.... and the one and the same (exactly) splits out into an infinity of duplication with no difference whatsoever. Yet "difference" exists also to infinity.

Decision point differences and paths followed (every path will be followed) exist to infinity. Once one decision is passed and path taken, in that line instantly another decision point exists to be passed and path taken, to infinity of lines and points splitting out. There are many worlds, many universes, uncountably many, of differentiation and difference... including types of difference. Including virtualities. Including potentials. Infinities of duplication, though, adding up to just one and the same (reducing to just one and the same), not included.
Infinite is the only practical way to describe the unobserved, unobservable, Universe. To claim the observable universe is all there is is absurd. To claim knowledge of all the Universe (U), all paralleling universes (u) macro and micro to be non-existent, is to claim omniscience, and just as absurd. Claiming it (that there is no such thing as material "infinity") is to be totally closed systemic of universe and mind. Claiming the existence of infinities is to be open systemic of Universe (at once Multiverse) and mind.

It is in the infinite and exact duplication, not in any difference and/or differentiation, that "reduction", thus most particularly reductions to the materiality of "finite" (outings from infinities), springs into being.


"Don't criticize what you can't understand..."
To me, the unobservable and unobserved are simply undefined, just like 1/0. The term infinity cannot be allotted to the unobserved, as we can never know if the unobserved is indeed infinite. Sure, I can say that the Universe is made of infinite zeroes, but would that mean anything? :)
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Professional physicists and astronomers claim there was a Big Bang beginning to the Universe (U). Since they weren't there and can't get a hold of it, most of the more discerning among them will call it a scientific "concept" upon which they build a edifice of "observed" and "observable" universe, the universe with a strict historical timeline. One timeline arrow with a supposed beginning in Big Bang and..... so far, ending in here and now, Earth 2021 (physicists' and astronomers' leading edge of time).

Based on the timeline of "observed" and "observable" universe their only timeline prediction is for a future of cold dead universe, no life at all left to it. The usual prediction of cold, dead, dead enders. The usual prediction of cold, dead, lifelessness.

Infinity, regarding the Universe (U), a. k. a. the Multiverse, is, of course, incapable of observation.... is unobservable and therefore must collapse in horizon regarding the observable.... regarding the foreground, the local, the relative, finite. What horizon? An objective and subjective what? An object where? An object when? That infinity implosively collapsed into finite horizon having what locally observable -- or predictable -- finite background object point and line physics?

Big Bang? CMBR? Redshift? Time (concerning the distantly collapsed -- to a Big Crunch point and line -- horizon, a timelessly endless beginning)? Universally constant constants ('c'....)?

The science of cold dead Universe isn't practical science. The religiosity of it is obvious. The obsessive religiosity of creationism is obvious whether any divinity is attached to it or not. Individually finite times (plural) do have beginning and end. The totaled up infinity of a pluralistic Time, non-linear Time, has no beginning and/or end.

Now some might try to say that "non-linear", the horizontal rank of vertical files (as in parallel universes), does not exist. What kind of mind would have you believe, would press you to believe (would dictate you believe), that there is no such thing as a non-linear Universe (that there is no such thing as an infinite Multiverse of infinitely paralleling universes within Universe's non-local, non-relative, 'unobservability')?
The universal clock that runs backwards (through a time wormhole from end to endless beginning) is a blackhole. Nothing escapes a blackhole, not even light. Of course light wouldn't escape a universal space-time clock that runs backwards. Nothing would escape such a clock, such a space-time, once on the other side of the event horizon. Its end point would be the infinite Universe, the nothing but infinite mass of the Big Crunch, the nothing but energy collapsed horizon of the Big Bang.
An infinity of paralleling finite universes is, essentially, nothing more to the infinite Universe than an infinity of paralleling infinitesimals (halls of mirrors (the Big Mirror fractal-mirroring to infinity)). Buffer states to the collapsed horizon that is the Planck horizon (Big Bang horizon) / Big Bang horizon (Planck horizon) fronting the infinite Universe... infinity's Big Crunch. Nothing but infinite mass (Big Crunch) / nothing but energy.... energy's horizon (Big Bang).
The universal clock runs forward (+) |@| The universal clocks run backward (-). The universal clock ticks (0).