Inside a historic trip to Antarctica, crewed by over 100 women scientists

Right before 2000, my company called a field personal meeting. The company wanted to make a government bid, to install remote sensors at 8 sites there. The work would have taken about 60 days. But the commuter service only had six month runs. So after the work was completed, someone had to sit there for 4 months.....before coming home.

Not one engineer wanted anything to do with it. Except me. But I didn't let on......and was promised a healthy bonus, plus, my boss said he would purchase any ham equipment I pass the time away. So, I accepted and the company made it's bids. And I was excited and looking forward to it.

But, we lost the bid, and I did not get to go, and I did not get a bonus or new ham equipment. And the experience of Antarctica. I would have liked it on my resume.

I wonder if the six month commute is still in force. Maybe now they have year round travel.