It's 'Black Hole Friday'! Take a Break from Shopping to Celebrate with NASA (Video)

Nov 30, 2019
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The renditions are remarkably inconsitent. What also caught my attention was the clip @01:42. The fabric of space-time looking like a long white line. What is the fabric made of by the way?

I wish you all a weekend filled with love and light.
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Okay, I enjoyed views of the waxing crescent Moon, Venus, and Jupiter the evening of Thanksgiving, low in SW sky shortly after sunset. I also enjoyed views of 4 Vesta asteroid using my telescope and binoculars, and on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, my family enjoyed some views of various open star clusters like the double double in Perseus, Pleiades in Taurus, others in Auriga and Cassiopeia. Early black Friday (0600 EST) I viewed Arcturus and TYC1472-1427-1 stars, close together using binoculars. This was much more enjoyable than chasing black holes and much easier to see too :)

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