Jetson's Procyon Sirius flight-plan msg

Instrumentals from the opening credits:
I'm beginning to realize the military AI is finished, I'm the time machine AI. You are going to Procyon right away.
Take the direct route there. It ruins it for everyone else who wants to go to Sirius's 40C world; power is only there if you runs back and forth 2x.
After the 2nd time go to Sirius from Earth only if humanity is ready to right away settle an Ice Moon for a yr or 2 longer than you. They need an emergency base.
It is radioactive enough on the moon and Earth-G planet they will want radiation shielding enough for 0.5M.
Take 500000 people with you, don't spend more than one yr on the ice moon.
...the flight plan is jagged animation 21 secs in. An arrow to Procyon's hwy and a number 7 to denote the ice moon is an outer orbit. It is a fan between them, outgassing heavy particles...
I'll leave the big decision to you: I can go and make 27 engineers and bring 75 astronauts to explore a suburb waiting to escort them from Procyon to 1 LY from Earth and then bring 1000 colonists to Procyon and return again with 270 engineers. Or, I can take 75 ice moon and Ag asteroid miners with me and they would likely stay there. After 2 runs I'd go to Sirius for one decade to study the 1.2g world. For comparison, the 0.5 LY away from Procyon Ag asteroid has 20x20x10m radioactive 1% Au I can get with an X-ray drill, and a 6% deposit I need a distant gamma ray drill for. Sirius's richest flary also has very radioactive 1% Au good for medical. 10km must be the towers as 2 dust toxins. 2mm thick Ag is good Sirius system space wire. Sirius is the start of immortality R+D as there is radiation and radiation keep our cells going longer eventually as a power source in our blood. Need enough silver to go to room temp from 100 km out from the towers. Astro is 40C until 50km up.
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AIs were in the universe to prevent WMDs but miniscule Q-of-L scheduled and the TM AI knew the rat attacked the universe eventually. The bad one was hurt and the best one left an optimal space path (Anibus). A 1.2g world around Sirius has a Titan sized moon 1.3 Titan's g. Blue makes a white sunset. Not as fast as Io, enough for tidal heating a liquid iron core with a Magnitude 5 daily quake. The planet has Earth-like geology but radioactive core emissions and 1-100km plates. It appears 1-3x Earth's size from our Moon. You'd miss the landing Starship 6 rockets short.
It has a Pb mineral protecting the top 10m from 6 toxins deeper. I'll do dog and mouse exposure on the planet, X-ray drill, radioactive Au (90x80x90 atoms) and Cu research to replace mitochondria for starters, hopefully figure aerogel and ice volcano (not radioactive) clay architecture, set up environmental labs, clean up the classified R+D on the 9th yr and have a shindig the last yr before getting back to Procyon to make engineers who now live longer.
I'm leaning towards this Jetson's one to start. I'm not supposed to pick up survivors from Betelgeuse and a millenia after, as they might be physiological evil.
So I'll hang around near Earth for a millenium. After 4k yrs Betelgeuse rumbles. There is a metal asteroid 50 km south of Earth. And a 10% sapphire/Al moon 350 LY south that is needed to develop b4 the supernova. In the meantime I can't go that asteroid, but Procyon has a radioactive Ag one my nano has a decent chance at developing. The risk is every 10k yrs and maybe back-to-back yrs Procyon explodes a hemishperic X-ray shower extending 1.5 LY out. I'll take the risk a few times and my ship armour may survive.
I'll attempt to develop as many different worlds around Earth and try for diamond nanorods and decontaminating Arcturus ASAP but overturned rocks there will reveal organic toxins too unsafe for me at envisioned body suits this millenium. I'm not sure where to do R+D making Scottish people have a good leadership brain connection (natural mutation 1 every 4B persons) as there are ice moons away from Procyon but X-ray rumbles are a hazard. Eventually I will leave for the 50 LY south asteroid and can only return to collect those who have already left south. We'll leave good sapphire infrastructure away from the supernova and neutrino radio station signalling is possible but expensive. 1000 yrs after the supernova wash passes there is clear space before it starts to fill up and that is the short cut to Rigel from around the sapphire moon 350 LY south of here.