Space shuttle's road to Triton

3 more yrs of Webb it was an even investment. Was designed to be extensible. Venting gases to space (maybe dangerously). VASIMR or ion/meta engine boosters; radiation blows up electrons so VASIMR would need to be 20m away, USA's aligned CNTs would've been broken 1/1000 vs 1/2 China's as the struts. It could 1/2 a degree either way so 1mm-1" 3d printing on the tiles was wanted. 1mm copper prevents Columbia and 1" permits double the return payload, a NEO or asteroid. The chassis was made to be doubled for an asteroid in situ. Iron metal armour is in the Belt. From there to Enceladus for fuel. Dione is from 6000 LYs away. Is a 14B yr old asteroid core feeling the tidal wake of a novae 2B yrs ago. Only foreign chemical hazard. 10 materials are good in the system. Titanium on Earth degraded by sunlight. Saturnshine still degrades purer forms but under 10km of rubble is e. of a car volume of metal on one smaller moon.
NASA 3d printing concrete has a moonquake weakness. It may enable solar concentrators printed ironically providing power for cutting. On Sirius's 1.2g planet a county quake is 9.5Mag over planet's decade, 8.1Mag a county away, and 7 two counties away. Faults are 100km apart. The Moon's is 5 secs notice cameras on sidewalls, 1 yr's notice on Earth 2 eventually. There is a city sized pond of sulfur suitable for life if engineered underground. Trilobites would survive today at the bottom. With sulfur is a material enabling animals to new antigens for longevity. NASA's 3d printing strategy will not work on Earth 2, they will need diamond or sapphire. (Linnae don't look crystallographic upon reflection)
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