Largest-ever computer simulation of the universe escalates cosmology dilemma

Oct 25, 2023
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That pic of the universe showing the model of nerve and nerve string, is the essential part of the true god theory of the body of which we are all apart of, now getting out there with the proper equipment to scan into the right nerve (black hole, worm hole) and then find the right nerve extension to ride out to another nucleus, nerve which would take us or the explorer to somewhere out in this vast body we live in.
Just think how long it took aliens to map out the body so they could ride the string.
Body is the brain, the brain is the body.....🙃
There is always one problem, get going to fast and crash like so many have on our planet..🤔
Last edited: reported. "What is the S8 tension? When investigating the universe, astronomers sometimes work with what's known as the S8 parameter. This parameter basically characterizes how "lumpy," or strongly clustered, all the matter in our universe is, and can be measured precisely with what are known as low-redshift observations. Astronomers use redshift to measure how far an object is from Earth, and low-redshift studies like "weak gravitational lensing surveys" can illuminate processes unfolding in the distant, and therefore older, universe. But S8's value can also be predicted using the standard model of cosmology; scientists can essentially tune the model to match known properties of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), which is the radiation leftover from the Big Bang, and calculate the lumpiness of matter from there. So, here's the thing. Those CMB experiments find a higher S8 value than the weak gravitational lensing surveys. And cosmologists don't know why — they call this discrepancy the S8 tension."

Good report here. High redshift objects observed by JWST have their problems too in cosmology. So my simple note. We have the S8 tension in cosmology, the Hubble constant tension, and possible JWST high redshift object issues too in cosmology.
I think our position gives more meaning to the patterns we see, than the true structures, the true dynamics and properties of the cosmos. Our singular view. Our only view.

Something is fundamentally wrong with our physical concepts. And it has to be simple, to live so long.


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