Moon gear: China building lander, rover and spacesuit for lunar missions (video)

Unlike the West, China plans to go! Not just idiotically, stupidly, go out and come back in! They plan on staying out there . . . expanding China in Frontier occupancy and Colonization, Frontier permanency, out there! They are not planning on repeating the big, the huge, mistake they made between 700 and 600 years ago . . . the same big, huge, mistake we, the West, made 50 years ago.
China is planning on producing and driving, and driving on, a momentum buildup. We, an increasingly Dark Age Utopia orientated West, doesn't even know what frontier momentum means, as proven by the Space Frontier Age stagnancy, the Dark Utopian (Dystopian) Age cancerous growth within, of the last fifty years.

If China can achieve breakout, achieve permanency, permanent occupancy and expansion (permanent occupancy via permanent expansionary momentum), in the frontier, more power (space power (the follow on to what was once 'sea power')) to them!
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