Moon mining gains momentum as private companies plan for a lunar economy

Dec 27, 2022
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I think we should all keep in mind that we altered the Earth's axis, if I recall correctly, just because we move groundwater around. So we should probably be careful removing things from the Moon and making it less massive and moving them to Earth and making it more massive
Why would we mine the moon when we have Greenland and Antarctica as the rich, perfect non inhabitable mining regions? Why not take an inventory and see what's there? I believe the big boys have started this in Greenland. I hear the big techs are searching and buying huge leases there.
Right. There is nothing on the Moon that we don't already have on Earth or could make if we wanted to.
There is nothing on the Moon could be brought to Earth cheaper than mining it or making it on Earth.
Mining on the Moon will be needed to build bases there.
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