My theory about the galactic Black Hole theory refined after 5+ Versions of the theory

Oct 11, 2021
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The theoretical current black hole ripples through a plague of thick "dark matter" [After the galactic explosion which than blows a countless amount of light particles in a spherical 360 format in straight lines which than ripple through many micro black holes first before collapsing into a large single giant black hole that collides all the destroyed light particles with a large single light stream travelling into the same direction down into the open larger black hole] (condensed and aged shadow) where than it when reaches the end of this matter it quickly shoots all around into it till it slams the lid of the "whirlpool" shut with a "light matter" explosion of mist or fog draft.

Only problem I see about this theory is how to explain the part of the black hole formation as to how it leaves the sphearicle 360 explosion so well into a single direction, explaining it this way is easier to explain for me, i cant understand it further, maybe someone can expand on this

Let me know what you think please if it sounds correct or not :)
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