Only filmed interview with Georges Lemaître, 'father of the Big Bang,' rediscovered after 60 years

There are a number of things in that interview worth quoting. Perhaps I will if any are interested.

But this one is worth noting, IMO...

“There is a beginning... we may touch on other aspects at some point... there is a beginning very different from the present state of the world, a beginning in multiplicity which can be described … in the form of the disintegration of all existing matter into an atom [his “primeval atom”]. What will be the first result of this disintegration, as far as we can follow the theory, is in fact to have a universe, an expanding space filled by a plasma, by very energetic rays going in all directions. Something which does not look at all like a homogeneous gas… all the plasma was quasi homogeneous.”

His model was seen as answering questions about the universe as we reverse time, where the collapse would produce something tiny -- a plasma atom-like state beginning.

No where does he use the term "singularity", which was introduced, apparently about 20 years after this 1964 interview.
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